The Saab Espresso cups are now available!

We're happy when some things work a little quicker than expected. We had planned the new edition of the Saab Espresso cups for December, and the pallet with the cups has now arrived. Like two years ago, this time we commissioned a German manufacturer to produce it.

The cups were produced in a climate-neutral manner and the historic Saab lettering was engraved by hand. Handcrafted means quality, but also the fact that each of these espresso cups is unique. Smaller deviations in the engraving are always possible; as a rule, they cannot be seen at all or can only be seen with a magnifying glass.

Saab espresso cup
Saab espresso cup

Knowing this, even if you don't really see it, gives the cups their special character. Because this is not about mass-produced goods that were produced on a large scale. It's about a high-quality product, a small edition. Designed by people who like Saab for other people who care about the brand as much as we do.

The Saab Espresso cups are available in the Aero X Club Shop (Link) can be ordered and also available from stock. We deliver worldwide for all Aero X Club members. If your country is not recognized by our shop system by default, please contact Anne with your request (

We have also limited this edition to 250 copies, the espresso cups are still pretty exclusive in the Saab world.


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