Name the Saab ice cream flavors – we’re giving away Aero X cups!

After many readers were convinced that we should regularly organize a Saab quiz, today we are testing the specialist knowledge again. How well do you know the Saab car brand? There's something to win again because we're giving away 3 exclusive Aero X Club cups.

This time it's all about the Saab ice cream. Yes, you heard right. The question is very simple, because I want to know what flavors of ice cream Saab offered. Did that really exist? The story has its roots in 1993. At that time, Saab introduced the new generation of the 900 series, and in Trollhättan there were ice cream flavors specially created for the occasion. They were delivered in small ice cream cones, like the ones you find in every supermarket freezer.

The ice cream cones become a legend. Because her story continued to develop.

Saab 900 - new series (there was also Saab ice cream)
Saab 900 - new series (there was also Saab ice cream)

Saab no longer exists - but the Saab ice cream

After the end of Saab automobile production, the Saab ice cream cones came back in 2012. A Swedish producer added the Saab ice cream flavors to the range and - with the original recipe from 1993 - they became a success story. You could buy them in supermarkets, gas stations and food retailers around Trollhättan. It was incredible because the Saab ice cream became the company's best-selling creation.

But what works well doesn't have to last forever.

The fight for the Saab ice cream

The drama began when a supplier went bankrupt and stopped supplying the ice cream factory. The shock that there was no more Saab ice cream in the chests gripped the region. The ice cream manufacturer immediately assured that he was working on bringing the Saab ice cream back. We are fighting to ensure that the old Saab spirit comes backsaid the company's CEO.

So much for the Saab ice cream story.

Of course now everyone knows what I'm writing about? Or maybe not? Maybe it's not easy and you need to think about the matter. There is also something to be won. Because we are giving away 3 exclusive Aero X Club cups.

We will deliver the solution to the Saab Quiz on Sunday, November 26th. All readers of the SaabBlog magazine can take part in our guessing game. As always, the team members and their families are excluded - as well as legal action. A cash payment of the winnings is also excluded.

All answers received by midnight on November 25, 11 will be counted. If we get more than 2023 correct answers, the draw will decide the winner.

And now have fun with our Saab quiz!

Which Saab ice cream flavors were there?

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4 thoughts on "Name the Saab ice cream flavors – we’re giving away Aero X cups!"

  • blank

    Funny, I thought it was about technical ice, paint (Arctic White) and lighting. The theme of “Ice” was very present in the most recent models…
    I had no idea that Saab ice cream existed and that it was even omnipresent regionally. Learned something again. Thanks!

  • blank

    This time we just took a chance

  • blank

    Aaaah, who comes up with this difficult question? I want a cup like that!

    • blank

      Yes, it's not that easy. But there are readers who have the answer surprisingly confidently!


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