The big years are yet to come - the Saab 99 Turbo in the test

In order to understand classic cars and be able to classify their historical significance, it is always exciting to read contemporary test reports. The Saab 99 Turbo was an image carrier for the Swedish aircraft and car company. Today it is an icon with collector value. But what was it like when it came onto the market fresh in 1977?

The German Auto-Motor-Sport magazine tested a 47 Turbo shortly after the 99th IAA, which served as the backdrop for Saab's premiere. A very early model, perhaps even from the pre-series, that was given to the press. Oh, you might say, here comes the usual Saab bashing from the German motor press again.

But it won't, it was the beginning of the wild Turbo years and Saab shook up the scene!

An early Saab Turbo - still without 99 in the official name
An early Saab Turbo - still without 99 in the official name

Yes, I would like to continue reading this...


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