Review of the 5th Saab Rhön exit on Saturday, September 16th

It's coming quite late this time, but it's coming: The look back at the 5th Saab Rhön exit on September 16th, 09. Now that winter is here, the photos with bright skies are a real ray of hope!

The meeting point was at Fasanerie Castle in Eichenzell (near Fulda), from where the column of 20 vehicles set off towards the Rhön. There was 25 years of Saab history, starting from the 1985 Saab 90 through the classic 900, the 9000 and the most recent 9-5 NG - great!

Saab exit Rhön - photo stop
Saab Rhön exit – photo stop

5. Saab exit Rhön

Around 2⁄3 of the participants were “old acquaintances”, around 1⁄3 found their way to the Rhön exit, including 2 enthusiasts from Cologne – respect.

During the photo stop at Ebersburg, a participant noticed a massive loss of coolant in her 900 convertible; the wet footwell suggested the heating circuit.

Saab, Rhön and photo stop
Saab, Rhön and photo stop

Luckily, two mechanics were there, so the damage could be repaired on site – at least temporarily – and the journey could continue.

The oldest participating vehicle
The oldest participating vehicle

A short time later the column broke up in Poppenhausen/Rhön, but the roadmap also led the “lost sheep” safely to the Enzianhütte for lunch.

The youngest Saab vehicle!
The youngest Saab vehicle.

After refreshment, we went on a mini-hike up the Weiherberg, from which you have a sensational view of the entire Hessian Rhön.

Loss of cooling water - helping hands!
Loss of cooling water – helping hands.

The journey then continued through the beautiful landscape to the destination “Kleinsassen Art Station” (Link), where we ended the trip with coffee and cake.

Kleinsassen art station
Kleinsassen art station

Of course, there was also a small awards ceremony for special Saabs. Surprisingly, as the organizer, I received a certificate on the occasion of the 5th trip - thank you for that.

Stop for lunch at the Enzian hut
Stop for lunch at the Enzianhütte

A big thank you also goes to Gunther, who captured almost all of the trips so beautifully in photos.

Photographer Gunter makes his way home
Photographer Gunter makes his way home

The next, then 6th Saab exit-Rhön, will take place on Saturday, September 14.09.2024th, XNUMX - the date can already be saved.

6 thoughts on "Review of the 5th Saab Rhön exit on Saturday, September 16th"

  • Thanks again for the great organization. It was an absolutely successful day in a great landscape.
    It was really fun. September 14.09.2024th, XNUMX is already on the calendar… 🙂

  • Dear Thomas,
    Thank you very much for the really successful Rhön event in which we were able to take part (for the first time) this year. The journey was really worth it: great route, selected good and worthwhile rest areas with sensational views. A partially neglected part of Germany, which was shown to us in all its beauty (with fantastic weather) in a loving way by an insider. Thank you for that, we'll be happy to come back (if we're allowed)!?
    Best Regards

  • ….…only with the small but subtle difference that the 9-5 NG is not chrome, but matt-glossy aluminum!

    • I would also like it for the upper floor. There was aluminum from Hirsch. My dream would be an Aero SC with this aluminum mask from Hirsch and aluminum on the steering wheel and dashboard from Saab. That would be my personal dream of “chrome glasses”...

      Thanks for the nice report about the trip.

  • I realize that I am not alone. A really very nice SAAB 90 in cirrus white. For me as a two-time SAAB 90 driver, it's always nice to see that there are other crazy people out there.

    Greetings from Hamburg to the unknown SAAB 90 driver.

  • Great trip, great weather and great pictures, thank you very much.
    So when I look at the Saab 9-5 NG from the front in these pictures,
    then I can't resist this front view of the 9-5 NG
    to give the compliment “Saab chrome glasses to the power of 2”;
    because there's chrome on it to the point where it's no longer possible: top, bottom, left and right,
    The radiator grille is also chrome-plated like mine. I mean a lot more overall
    Chrome than on my black Saab 9-5 SC Griffin 2.3T from March 2009...
    to whom this “chrome glasses compliment” is constantly given in a very disrespectful way.
    But he bears it with composure and is even proud of it because it makes him look very classy.
    The 9-5 NG is probably spared from this because it is the largest, newest, last Saab,
    who you therefore pay the necessary respect and therefore do not trust,
    to give it a nickname because of the increased use of chrome.
    Let’s see if this gets published or disqualified as an inadmissible “swipe”.
    But as a loyal Saab driver for 53 years, I can afford to have fun like this.
    The 9-5 NG also looks stunning, doesn't it?
    Well, don't you see me laughing...


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