Restart in the Saab factory – Emily GT concept sold!

At 12:00 p.m., NEVS CEO Nina Selander made a sensation during a press conference as part of the eCar Expo. The Emily GT concept has a new owner, and the Saab factory in Trollhättan is about to be restarted. This puts an end to months of speculation about the future of the factory and the electric car.

At the same time, new questions are being asked because the press conference was quite short and the information was rather sparse. At least there is now something like a new perspective for car production at the traditional location.

Nina Selander - Gothenburg press conference
Nina Selander – Gothenburg press conference

The buyer of the Emily GT concept, a revolutionary electric car with a wheel hub motor, is EV Electra Ltd. (Link) of the Canadian-Lebanese (or Palestinian) businessman Jihad Mohammed. The company will set up a Swedish subsidiary and fill Stallbacka with activities from January.

According to NEVS CEO Nina Selander, EV Electra should have secured financing of USD 500 million to continue the Emily GT concept.

Production of the manufacturer's first electric car is scheduled to start shortly in Turkey, and EV Electra is also planning an IPO. In addition to Emily, the company also acquires the self-driving PONS concept from NEVS. The purchase price for both projects was not disclosed.

From summer 2024, a new Swedish manufacturer called EV Electra could start operations. Emily will continue to be called that in the future, but will come onto the market as EV Electra Emily GT. The Saab area is also expected to be bought back from the municipality of Trollhättan and Stenhaga Invest in order to establish the company sustainably.

At the press conference there was talk of the Saab spirit, which could not be brought back, simply because of the lack of trademark rights. But we want to revive the old spirit of Trollhättan.

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18 thoughts on "Restart in the Saab factory – Emily GT concept sold!"

  • Sometimes I'm not on the PC and then something like that... and no, I didn't get the message I was hoping for. The design of the other vehicles on the EV Elektra site makes you fear the worst. 1x retro, 1x run-of-the-mill SUV, 0815x replacement gold chains for the drivers!,…what a shame! and let's hope that we are taught better.

  • Fingers crossed this comes good. For the people of the town and all the Saab fans out there.

  • After looking at the website, I find it very difficult to see a promising future for Emily and Co. This company doesn't seem to have produced more than a few renderings yet. NEVS was still comparatively very serious.

    And the naming of two of the creations from design hell that are being advertised makes me doubt that it was done without any ideological ulterior motive; Quds means Jerusalem in Arabic, but is also known to anyone who is even remotely interested in politics, or better yet, above all, as the name of one of the murder brigades of the Iranian terrorist regime.

    • Actually is the correct name of the car Quds nostrum, the latter Latin, what for our Jerusalem stands.

      The political message is clear, we don't have to like it and I don't like it either.

  • The main thing is that SAAB AB sticks to its decision to no longer release the Saab trademark rights!
    It is still questionable whether electric cars will catch on.

  • Just a little patience dear people, the Lebanese are, in my experience, very good business people.
    Of course we would have liked it to be different, but their websites don't look that bad. If you have the money and long-lasting guts to pull it off, we'll see. In the 1960s I worked in an existing cotton trading company, founded in Switzerland in 1856, later self-employed, in Le Havre, Normandy. A Lebanese man living in Le Havre visited us every day as a cotton broker to sell us cotton. A year after I returned to the parent company in Switzerland, this cotton company in Le Havre closed and was looking for a buyer. This Lebanese guy bought it, you could have thought what, where could this lead? The company became number 1 in France for many years due to excellent dynamic management until we overtook them for years by setting up a branch in Le Havre from Switzerland - But this Lebanese company still exists today and they are rich. However, our branch in Le Havre was closed in 2006…. So let's not cultivate prejudices, let's first observe. It could be that things turn out completely differently than we fear...

  • Go one step further. Anyone looking for a London Taxi copy or the Batman model for the poor is probably well served. However, if it's a high-quality vehicle, the current EV Electra offer would put me off to the max. A picture and a purchase contract really evoke emotions in me and they are certainly not suitable for anything on the purchase contract.

  • Again, the Swedes didn’t have the guts – it’s a shame. The new ownership conditions do not appear to be any more serious than under Chinese leadership. Let's see whether, contrary to expectations, we come to a different view of things over the next few months - I'm very skeptical about that.

  • …I don’t even google it.
    I am pleased for Trollhättan and the region that there is a new opportunity for sustainable revitalization. May this attempt be under a better arrangement...
    TOI Toi Toi.

  • +++ News ticker +++

    The new cover photo for the report is damn sexy. Emily looks a lot like Saab, a lot like 9-5 NG E. You have to give it to her...

    Let's see if it ends up in good hands? Elon Musk recently came out as an anti-Semite. Perhaps it is no longer so important today who buys what from whom? In any case, I won't take part in it. I'm not buying a Tesla or Emily from Erdogan. I'm buying avocados from Israel tomorrow, even if it's not very Christmassy...

    By the way, I'm ashamed. I'm a coward. I haven't been to any demonstrations for the victims of Hamas. And shortly after the attack I passed an almost empty Jewish restaurant very, very hungry (everyone else was packed). I had my family with me. And we were too scared to spo

    • ntan to join a demo or visit a Jewish restaurant. I'm probably a coward.
      But I'm certainly not buying Emily, questionable ownership and production locations. Despite the look, that's decidedly not enough Saab for me.

    • Then you definitely won't be an Emily fan. The new owner has a clear political position.

      • He also has an interesting name...
        You shouldn't have any prejudices, but sometimes it's difficult. I know of primary school students in Germany, semi-agenarians of IS fighters, sons of so-called “returnees” (the mothers), those born abroad after 9 11 in the ongoing war and terror, intentionally “baptized” with the same first name…

        That sounds like real satire, but it's just reality and nothing to laugh about. Jihad Mohammed? It's almost as if an AH (I can't even spell it out) is CEO of Mauser today.

        You can also have your name or that of your child changed. Or it is proudly and intentionally forgiven and borne. Osama is also such a beautiful first name and is not an isolated case for children in Germany.

        I know of a German Shepherd who was named Adolf. The owner was a mentally ill neo-Nazi, unintentionally funny. Adolf, space! Adolf, sit, foot, kusch!
        Just beeping. He might as well have named a pig Hitler and slaughtered it. He was stupid and luckily harmless, he only hurt himself. One day he fell drunk from the scaffolding of his house without ever doing anything bad to anyone else. End of story.
        I wish all extremists in the world were so harmless, stupid and funny. The rest of the world could live with that and sometimes have something to laugh about.

  • I'm excited but also a bit suspicious. It would be very nice if it worked.

  • After all, no one, including China, we've probably had enough in the last few years. I try to continue to remain unprejudiced. Everyone has their chance!

  • Al Capone (No Comment) comes to mind. I can't think of anything better...

    Is that the public prosecutor's office or PR speaking? One does not know.

  • Hmmm. Is this where the next madness begins? I like to believe in the good. But what I feel doesn't mean anything good to me.

  • Unfortunately, you only need to look at the “EV Electra” website and you immediately know where this will lead again. Never ending story...


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