Saab Christmas is spontaneously coming again – we’re working on it!

Christmas comes earlier than you think every year. Then, surprisingly, almost spontaneously, December 24th is just around the corner - and hectic ensues. That’s how it was here in our team this week. We still have something to do. Saab celebrate Christmas, so to speak - were well prepared and had a well-considered timeline.

I don't need to emphasize that we managed to pull this off, despite all the preparations. We are now working hard and trying to catch up. What is the Saab Christmas about? For the first time this year we have gifts that we are giving out.

Saab Christmas - we are working on it!
Saab Christmas – we’re working on it!

Surprises for Saab Christmas

What have we come up with? It's all about individual Saab gifts with which we want to say thank you. For those of the readers who have been involved here for a long time. Who invest a bit of their free time and get involved here. Those who stand up for Saab, help keep the brand alive, and who, among other things, continue to support us as authors with articles they have written themselves. And also those who regularly organize Saab meetings and trips for many years.

This group has received an email from me in the past few days. She probably senses that something is in the pipeline.

It's our turn, almost back on schedule, there will be individual Christmas presents. We've put in a lot of effort and on Monday I'll show you what's behind it. And because we had a lot of fun with the project, even though we sometimes wanted to give up, we also launched the last big thing for the Aero X Club Shop this year.

Here too we are individual, exclusive and limited and do what we have never done before. Several little surprises are still waiting, and in the intervening years we will show the Aero

Are you excited? Wonderful! Then stay tuned and enjoy our little teaser that we have prepared.

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3 thoughts on "Saab Christmas is spontaneously coming again – we’re working on it!"

  • I thought to myself that there must be something more to come...

  • Oh man, Christmas itself is already (positively 😉) exciting..., now the SAABblog with additional excitement... I'm almost at the limit of excitement.
    Hopefully there will be new information soon!
    In anticipation…

  • Grin. Cool, I'm really excited!


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