After the Polestar 2 test, we are driving purely electrically again

The Polestar 2 test report was actually supposed to remain a one-off electric rendezvous. But two unforeseeable factors spoke against it. There was unexpectedly enormous reader interest - and there was disappointment on our side. The Polestar failed to meet expectations, although it also offered good solutions in detail.

Is this a Polestar thing or are we, as part of the self-confessed old car combustion group, perhaps not open enough and lacking a sense of mission to save the planet? A valid question. Actually, we initially got into the Polestar in a positive mood.

But then I preferred to get out again. What's next? A Chinese label or a Mediterranean rebel?

Saab stays in the garage - we drive purely electrically
Saab stays in the garage - we drive purely electrically

Yes, I would like to continue reading this...


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