Aero door panels for the Saab 9000 Anniversary

Of course there are always things that can be improved. The ones you want, but you can't buy them on every street corner. In general, a Saab 9000 is a fairly tastefully decorated automobile classic. The material is either high quality or it is honest. Which particularly applies to the plastics used.

The Aero variant has the full leather equipment ahead of the civil versions. This is of such high quality and the leather is so thick that Saab could be retroactively accused of wastefulness. There are people who install the Aero bucket seats in their CS, CSE or Anniversary. What I don't like is that I find it not very authentic. But accept it, because the scene is liberal. I am too.

But there are the Aero leather door panels that I would like.

Saab 9000 Anniversary - there is something to improve
Saab 9000 Anniversary - there is something to improve

Yes, I would like to continue reading this...


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