Enlightenment for the 9000 - the SaabBlog magazine ensures safety

Today it's about my 9000 and safety when driving the Swedish classic. I read in SaabBlog magazine that the Osram Nightbreaker H7 lamps were pretty good. Since the lamps in my 9000 were quite dim, I immediately ordered the recommended H1 version.

The result was like... well.

But that can't be the case.

So I drove to my friend's house to adjust the headlights. Oh shock, he said there was nothing left to adjust. The light image from the headlights is so bad and unclear that no meaningful adjustment is possible because the reflectors have become quite dull.

Enlightenment - the Saab 9000 gets better light
Enlightenment - the Saab 9000 gets better light

Enlightenment for the 9000 - the SaabBlog magazine ensures safety

A short time later I read here in the SaabBlog that a well-known supplier (Link) has not only reissued reflectors, but also complete headlights. These were then quickly ordered and delivered within a day. The old headlights stay - they go into the Saab grab bag in case I need small spare parts.

So I started installing it - it wasn't really rocket science.
Or do they?

The headlight adjustment motors had to be rebuilt. But how without destroying this delicate stuff?

So I went back to my friend in the workshop, who said, oh, that's not so bad.

It was, except for two circumstances:

A servomotor was not working and the right headlight wiper only ran sporadically.

That doesn't work. Everything has to work on my Saab 9000.

New headlights should provide better light
New headlights should provide better light

I recently even got hold of a brand new compressor for the automatic air conditioning system, since these are hard to find, and even a stainless steel exhaust with ABE from the Saab friends from Aschaffenburg. Thanks again at this point.

At Scanmobile Classics (Link), a company near Lemgo, I found not only the blower motor for the right rear door but also a brand new right headlight wiper motor.

Oh, that’s nice 🙂

The wiper motor installation went smoothly.

In my Saab grab box at home I found a servomotor that also does its job without any problems. Installation wasn't a problem if you knew how to do it.

With a classic Saab there isn't as much bells and whistles as with the new cars, or even my company car, where you have to remove the entire front.

Everything is simple and completely logical, except for the indicator brackets, which are a bit difficult to tension.

Then we adjusted the headlights and then took the test drive at night...


Saab 9000 with new headlights - enlightenment!
Saab 9000 with new headlights – enlightenment!

Compared to the LED in the company car, it's half as bright and still brilliantly bright. A dream.

Many thanks to the reporters in the SaabBlog magazine for these ideas, which brought enlightenment.

The 9000 (built in 1995) and its barn companions, the Saabrio 900 Turbo (1990) and 9-5 Kombi (2002), should have many more wonderful years to come.

A pleasure in contrast to the silly tinkling and beeping of modern cars and with 7,2 liter consumption as a 2,3 liter turbo not so bad.

3 thoughts on "Enlightenment for the 9000 - the SaabBlog magazine ensures safety"

  • Very good inspiration! In this context, I would like to praise the Kofmehl garage in Derendingen: the guys lovingly repaired the headlight wiper motor on my 9000CS! They also did a great job otherwise!

  • Thank you, Marco, for the report. There is so much tech here on the blog. Support for the 9k, see also the Anna project, that's super helpful. Thanks, of course. also to Tom.
    In any case, my 9k also has new headlights, the light is really good, even without a night breaker, at least much better than in my T6 and that is from 2017...

  • Great, light is safety and repair is sustainability! It's nice that the Saab could be made fit for the next decades through the confluence of the information from the blog on the one hand and various components that are still available on the other. A report that really pleased me, thank you for that! 🙂


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