Upcoming Saab events in Tomar, Lucerne and Lake Lucerne

It's still winter, but the Saab event calendar for 2024 is rapidly filling up. In Switzerland, meetings in Lucerne and Lake Lucerne are already planned. A big meeting in Tomar is being planned on the Iberian Peninsula; the commitment of the scene in Portugal and Spain is needed here.

The year could be good for the fans and the small cult brand, because many meetings and events are being prepared. Organizers and clubs can register and publish them here free of charge.

Saab Event Ace Café Lucerne
Saab Event ACE Café Lucerne

10. 02. 2024

Saab and art, Kunsthalle Göppingen

Arjan van Helmond exhibition.

Saab and art again in the Kunsthalle Göppingen.

Address: Marstallstr. 55, 73033 Göppingen. (Link)
When: Saturday, February 10, 2024 at 18.00:XNUMX p.m


Prosecco reception and curator tour to Arjan van Helmond

Followed by pizza with eggplant and olives, red wine, beer and water.

Cost contribution per person 20 euros.

Binding registration by Wednesday, February 7th, 19.00:XNUMX p.m.

Contact: stuttgart-alb@saab-club.de

Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg

Dear Saab fans,

Our regulars' table will next meet again on Saturday, February 10.02th. in Kiel at:

Bato's specialty restaurant at the airport
Boelckestraße 100
24159 Kiel
Meeting point: 18 p.m

There are enough parking spaces available. All Saab fans are welcome 🙂
Short registration would be helpful so that we can provide enough places.

Contact: meike.christophel@gmx.de

17. 02. 2024

Saab Winter Rally 2024

The Saab Club Netherlands is organizing what is now the 3rd Winter Rally.

The number of participants is limited, registration is possible online (Link).

01/03 – 03/03/2024

Spain in Portugal – Event in Tomar

Spontaneous idea from Spain. Let's have a SAAB meeting in Portugal. Tomar, the city of the Crusaders, is the destination of choice. Every Saabista from Spain, Portugal and the rest of the world is warmly invited.

Registration required.

Mail contact: ticktack@email.de

25. 05. 2024

Saab Meet ACE Café Lucerne

Traditional big Saab meeting in Lucerne in front of the ACE Café (Link)

7. - 9. 06. 2024

Saab Car Museum Festival

Trollhattan, Sweden.

40 years of Saab 9000 – program is online (Link).

9. - 11. 08. 2024

IntSaab 2024 – Denmark

The big international Saab Club meeting will take place in Denmark this year.

Registration is open and festival tickets can be purchased.

Additional information: Intsaab2024.eu

25. 08. 2024

Heja Sverige – Volvo & Saab Classic Car Show

On the quay of 6374 Buochs ​​NW, Lake Lucerne South region.

Volvo and Saab Classic Car Show with attractive vehicles from both brands, carried out by IG Swiss Volvo.

All Saab dates are published without guarantee from our side. We are not liable for postponements, cancellations or incorrectly transmitted appointments.

Is a Saab event planned?

If you are planning a Saab event, a ride or a social gathering, bring it on. We publish free of charge as timely and flexible as possible. The Saab fans look forward to further reports.

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