Andalusia – Saab birthday with lots of Saabs and a hangar

Sometimes things just take a little longer. My life, which is not only filled with Saab, did not allow me to write these lines about the meeting in Estepona earlier. Since the days are now shorter and sunlight seems to be a foreign concept, readers may be even more interested in traveling virtually to Andalusia for a few moments.

Especially since dramaturgically it couldn't be better. In addition to the meeting, it's also about two very unusual Saabs that will soon be accompanying us. You already know one of them. The other would like to be presented soon. So let's set off together.

Saab 900 NG birthday in Andalusia - and everyone is coming!
Saab 900 NG birthday in Andalusia – and everyone is coming!

The Saab 900 NG is celebrating its birthday – in Andalusia!

The decision to take part in the celebrations for the Saab 900 NG's birthday in Andalusia was initially a bit difficult for me. The route Barcelona – Estepona, at over 1.000 kilometers, seemed frighteningly far to me. Both for the birthday child - a Saab 900 NG V6 Cabrio MY 1994, and for the driver Lizi, who is no longer quite fresh.

Various options from flights, trains, rental cars, etc. were considered and then rejected. And as has often been the case, there were several independent episodes that came together to form a puzzle and made it inevitable to set off on this journey.

On the one hand, I had been watching two Saabian pearls for a while that needed to be examined and possibly secured. One of them halfway in Murcia. The other 10 kilometers from the event. On the other hand, my convertible - also known as Gustav - became the test subject of a detailer who was new on the horizon and had great attention to detail.

30 year old Saab - many kilometers and off we go!
30 year old Saab - many kilometers and off we go!

As an experiment, she was allowed to let off steam completely: interior, carpets, seats. Ceramic sealing, rims... The result was breathtaking. And wanted to be presented at the birthday party.

The digital friendships with the Spanish Saab scene, which had been cultivated for some time, also became more and more intense during the preparations for the festival and called for a personal encounter.

Reasons enough to set off on an adventure trip with an almost 30-year-old Saab. According to an old saying, the journey is the destination. And I had three of them. At least. It was wonderfully late summer and therefore the best time to travel.

Start of the Saab birthday - Gustav is bitching

The morning of departure is a bit bumpy. I'm not relaxed. Long trips across Europe in a Saab used to be part of the obligatory leisure program. A lot has changed. The last such trip feels like an eternity ago.

Cliché - or Spanish kitsch on the go
Cliché – or Spanish kitsch on the go

Gustav also choked a few times during the morning cold start. I decide to see the diva-like bitches as more of an incentive than a warning and drive off.

And experience a long-lost déjà vu. The motorway heading south is empty, the V6 hums loudly, the sun bathes the changing landscape in a magical light. I hear the Saab grin on my face.

Estepona: here we come!

But there is still a lot to do until then. I reach Murcia in the early evening. Now, theoretically, an unbelievable story should follow. However, this is already known to readers. My first stop is the red Saab-Lancia 600, which is now in Tom's hangar (Link) stands.

Spain like from the tourist guide
Spain like from the tourist guide

Day two of my trip begins as kitsch-laden as the first: sun, mountains, sea and a Saab. Shortly before Malaga a 9-3 SC overtakes me. It's only now that I realize that I haven't come across any other mobile Troll product before. I can't imagine that I will meet someone else shortly afterwards.

The fact that it will take my breath away is even less so. A beautiful restaurant on the hill invites you to take a coffee break. I turn and suddenly find myself next to a Saabian tragedy registered in Germany.

Sometimes it's enough to let a picture speak for itself...

Rescue operation? No time!

I discard the idea of ​​a completely crazy rescue operation within a few seconds and devote myself to the second reason for my trip: Another Saab discovery wants to be examined. Appropriate for the occasion, it is a 900 NG from the last MY.

Accident? Rescue operation?
Accident? Rescue operation?

Until I introduce it to readers in detail, only this much will be revealed: in terms of color, features and condition, it is another Saab dream. And his story has it all. What I would only discover months later when I picked it up. But that is another chapter.

A short drive later I reach the venue.

I can come the day before and finally hug my digital friends, which is to be taken literally. It is Spanish custom to greet strangers with a hug and/or double kiss - little kisses - to greet.

Everything that is yellow belongs to Don Monte-Carlo
Everything that is yellow belongs to Don Monte-Carlo

Saab birthday in the hangar

If you share a passion, it happens all the more intimately. The location is just outside Estepona (Link) in an industrial area and is perfectly chosen. There are endless parking options and the legendary hangar. Every Spanish Saab fan knows about him. The collection is comparatively small, but exquisite. unicorns nennt Don Monte Carlo – a very apt nickname – his treasures. Although they are not exclusive, they do enjoy wearing the color yellow. The hangar is both a garage and a museum for Saab.

Wherever the eye turns, there is something to discover.

It's very busy here this afternoon. The bar and kitchen still need to be built, the decoration perfected, the games set up and, above all, the Saab treasures brought to a high shine. I'll join in. A little exercise is a relief after the long journey, Gustav gets a well-deserved shower, and there is hardly anything nicer in our universe than enjoying great Saabs with a few friends under the setting Andalusian sun.

Hangar, the empire of Don Monte-Carlo
Hangar, the empire of Don Monte-Carlo

The evening continues in the hotel restaurant with lots of hugs and “Besitos”. The organizers and overnight guests enjoy the evening together with culinary delicacies. And the unique feeling is back: I meet strangers and feel like I'm part of a family.

Even though it was quite late the evening before, my Saturday starts very early. I promised to help with the finishing touches in the hangar. Very gladly. There is still enough to do.

Saab gathers for the birthday party
Saab gathers for the birthday party

Besitos - and the Saab birthday party

The first participants show up on time. The vehicles are parked according to series. And the hugs and besitos never end. The parking lot and hangar fill up quite quickly. For the most part we know each other. And if not, the above-mentioned welcoming ritual is enough to quickly feel like you belong.

Now it's time to admire the individual vehicles. It's colorful and very diverse. Best-preserved originals, perfect restorations, everyday vehicles, a little tuning for every taste. And of course Don Monte Carlos Unicorns. Each of the specimens is discussed respectfully. And it is noticeable that the proportion of young Saab drivers is quite high. I'll come to this in more detail later.

Birthday children - 2 x Saab 900 NG (one is a Talladega replica)
Birthday children – 2 x Saab 900 NG (one is a Talladega replica)

Around midday we set off together for a drive through the hinterland. This will be very emotional. Lizi's kitsch prose in perfection! Hills, curves, blue skies and Saabs as far as the eye can see. It's now over 30 degrees, the top is open, but I still have goosebumps. It moves me deeply to see streets filled with Saabs stretching to the horizon, more than a decade after the end of our favorite brand and at the southern tip of Europe.

We return to the hangar with a stop for a group photo and some tapas.

The hangar is a restaurant

This has now been transformed into a restaurant. Long tables invite you to enjoy the deliciously fragrant dishes. The selection is extensive. Tapas, fries, bratwursts, Mediterranean salads and the oversized paella prepared to thunderous applause from the hungry. On which, of course, a very specific lettering should not be missing. At this point the meeting will turn into a colorful and loud family celebration. This is also Spain. It's hardly quiet here.

Saab - even in the food
Saab – even in the food

Everyone is looking forward to the award ceremony in four categories. The prices are symbolic. The tension is even greater. For the furthest approach this goes to Cologne. The blog readers were allowed to use the name from Saab seem familiar. In the category best restoration a 900 NG in rally outfit is honored. The prize for the overall best Saab of the day remains in the hangar. Don Monte Carlos yellow Viggen convertible is honored.

The category Best preserved 900 NG in original condition Gustav wins. My joy couldn't be greater, and Gustav seems even more confident to show off his ceramic-sealed paint.

The next generation
The next generation

Saab offspring on the birthday

However, for me there is another hero of the day. Having just turned 18 and with his driver's license still fresh from the printer, he showed up in Estepona in the early afternoon - initially a little shy and ashamed - with his Saab 9-3 NG Diesel. The car itself would be described as friendly - needs some attention.

However, the story behind it is sensational and touching. Even as a child, Polo only wanted to drive a Saab. And saved for it all his life. The somewhat old limousine was already in the yard before he had his driver's license in his pocket. Now every available cent is invested in repairing the Saab.

Saab billiards
Saab billiards

I only mention that polo was welcomed with open arms by the community for the sake of completeness. I passed the trophies I won to him and invited him to take my winner for a spin. As we drive, I notice how difficult it is for him to suppress a few tears of happiness.

We are still in contact to this day. His project is developing splendidly.

After the award ceremony, the family celebration continues unhindered. It's no longer just about Saab. Now life is celebrated. Children are playing, dogs are running around, the table football and pool table are constantly occupied, as is the bar. Some visitors say goodbye because of the long journey back. Quite a few new ones join us over the course of the afternoon.

Fantastic Saab 900 NG - celebrates its birthday in Spain
Fantastic Saab 900 NG – celebrates its birthday in Spain

Colorful hustle and bustle - the Saab scene is alive

Including many younger generations. I had to work in the mornings in order to be able to afford my Saab hobby. They enjoy driving the brand's newer models. These are known to be a little easier to pimp up. When discussing their treasures, they outdo each other with superlatives.

I used to categorically reject such a thing. For once, originality counted. My tolerance limit has shifted. Anything you like is allowed. As long as another Saab remains. And it cannot be ruled out that once infected with the virus, the young people will stay with Saab as long as the law allows it.

Under the Spanish hood
Under the Spanish hood

It would actually be time to leave the hangar. SACA (Link) invites you to the Saab birthday gala dinner. But I'm so full of impressions that I don't have the capacity for any more. Sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the hangar gate, I admire the sunset behind the Saab-filled parking lot, and listening to the family celebration, I end the day full of magic.

The idea comes to me to leave Gustav in the hangar and return home by plane. So that I don't find any excuses not to come back. Friendships were formed. And want to be cared for. Don Monte Carlo really like the idea.

24 thoughts on "Andalusia – Saab birthday with lots of Saabs and a hangar"

  • Thank you for this wonderful report, Lizi! I enjoyed every line. I particularly liked the contrast you described between Don Monte-Carlo and Polo.

    Drive a SAAB and have fun with it – the way you like it. That's a great message and makes the scene even more likeable.

    • Overall, the mix was very likeable and gave me confidence.
      I'm pleased to have contributed to the enjoyment of the day.

  • Another important question...

    These are the US taillights on the yellow Turbo X SportCombi, as I now know.

    Of current relevance to me is the question of whether these are now approved in the EU? Does anyone know that?

    Things were different in 2015:

    Or to put it another way: Is it just the Spanish authorities who are more relaxed? Would the German TÜV even notice this in a 12-year-old car?

    It would be great if someone knew that. My current object of desire has these beautiful taillights. 🙂

  • Question about this yellow TurboX SC that the comments above say, can someone tell me what color name or color code it has? Is that Monte Carlo yellow or similar? This color is simply much more beautiful and full of life than black...

    • I'll find out and get back to you.
      Kind regards to Switzerland.

  • Thanks Lizi,
    a great report about the trip and this very special SAAB event. A meeting in honor of the 902 would be unthinkable for us.
    I kept entering the route and would have liked to come with one of my two 902s, but the 6000 km loop from the Baltic Sea and back was a bit too much for me 😉

    But maybe it will work at the gas station or in Kolding...

    Many greetings from the north,

    • It is indeed very far. Your two 902s were duly represented. Gustav won his category.

    • Gracias Marco.

      It was a pleasure joining you all under the Andalusian sun.

  • It's nice that there are still so few Saab enthusiasts. But it's amazing that apart from two classic 2s, there are practically only GM generations left. A GM body is understandable and acceptable for everyday use, but with such rich Saab meetings I would have expected a little more vehicles from the older generation; if still available. Or are/were they hidden?

    • As you can see from Polo's Saab, nothing was hidden.
      Apparently only a few classic car owners had time this weekend.

  • Lizi, thank you for the emotional refresh. I just feel like I've been beamed back into the weekend. Mucas gracias

    And as a spoiler for everyone who wants to find out more. There will be a second report in the next few days.

    • Refreshing my memories was also very good for me.
      It was just a wonderful trip.

  • What a great, heartwarming, language- and visually powerful reading journey you took us on – thank you very much, dear Lizi! There are so many wonderful impressions, feelings, information, moods, side stories, paradisiacal views and positive future prospects that you can only enjoy. I'll definitely read the story a few more times (Tom would have made at least a three-parter out of it anyway 😉 ).

    Many questions arise for me - did you only speak Spanish or also English and with your hands and feet or simply “Saabian”? 😉 Was there really a yellow 9-3 SportCombi as a series or was it repainted?

    It's a shame that it would have been a bit far from HH. But see you, right? Hopefully at some point in the south - or on May 4th in HH (the meeting at the vintage car gas station will take place again) or in August at the international Saab meeting in Kolding, DK? Who knows – in any case, I’m already looking forward to your wonderfully written next report! Thanks for dreaming away from the bad weather today! 🙂

    • The Sport Kombi is a Turbo X that originally came onto the road in a special black. And since the condition of the paint was probably a bit borderline - that's how I understood Don Montecarlo - he made a point of doing it. And yes, the yellow suits the Turbo X surprisingly well. But I also found the subtleties exciting: even a small deer symbol had identical yellow contours. If so… then right 😉

      But you can come to the event from March 01st to 03.03.2023rd, XNUMX in Tomar, Portugal. A few kilometers less 🙂

      • I thought so! 🙂 Yes, I also think the yellow is great for the SC Turbo X. And if I see it correctly, the rear trim is not silver or titanium, but black. Or was that generally the case with the Turbo X?

        Portugal sounds fantastic, but unfortunately it's not possible for me at the moment. But trips to the south are also planned in the future, hopefully for a meeting - and the meeting in Denmark in August. This is a little bit closer… 🙂

        • I try to capture Tomar in a report as best as possible :)

          And if you go south in the future, you should definitely schedule the whole thing so that you can take part in an event.

          And if that's with a rental car or even without a Saab. Saabistas from the USA and South America were there in Estepona. Of course, none of them arrived in a Saab.

        • And yes, the rear trim on the Turbo X is silver. I just checked. Thank you, you just gave me a very good idea.

          • That makes me curious...! 🙂

            • Quite easy, paint them black in the Turbo X. And no, the original will of course not be touched, so it can be rebuilt at any time if it doesn't look good

              • Well, if you're lucky enough to own one of the rare Turbo Xs, you can of course happily start painting. Good luck!

          • And the taillights on the yellow Turbo X are also different – ​​“transparent” with a long red outer vertical stripe. The ones on the normal SportCombi are iced white and opaque. Do all Turbo Xs have these taillights or were they changed later?

    • Thank you for the flowers, dear Ebasli. The writer is very happy if the reader likes it. The trip actually provided material for a novel, but we're not at the end yet.
      The contributions about the SaabLancia 600 must also be counted. And the second find will be reported soon. So it's a multi-part...

      Although Spanish dominated the meeting, you could definitely hear Portuguese, English, German, Flemish, French... Saabian has many facets.

      All important meetings are noted in my calendar. I am working on it. And in the south the gates are always open. With Besitos. They're part of it.

      • I'll be back, dear Lizi - and of course with a lot of Besitos! 🙂


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