Hurry now – pre-order for the Saab Turbo Hoodie ends!

On Sunday it's on! The pre-order campaign for the new Saab Turbo Hoodie ends. The hoodies can also be ordered from the Aero X Club Shop afterwards – at a slightly higher price. Local production will start next week and delivery will begin as soon as the first copies arrive.

We can also report news about the Saab wool blankets. It took a little longer than expected before the factory could start work. The reason was the somewhat challenging communication that had to be carried out with customers who wanted individualization.

Saab Turbo Hoodie - at the pre-order price
Saab Turbo Hoodie – at the pre-order price

Since production had to run in one piece, the entire project stalled for a short time. We are now expecting a delivery of the Saab wool blankets next Friday; a few copies are still available and can be purchased in the shop (Link) be ordered.

What's coming soon to the Aero X Club Shop?

Our poster idea (Link) was liked, and from a purely emotional point of view, we received 100 suggestions as to what else we should print soon. There were pictures in my inbox with desired motifs, and in many cases I had to curb my enthusiasm. Because printing requires high-resolution graphics, and for digitization we need an appropriate starting point.

Of course, we tried to filter out a tendency from the suggestions, which was not easy. There seems to be a desire to hang more modern Saabs on the wall, as great as the historical motifs generally are.

As an experiment, three more Saab poster prints will soon be online. With motifs from production, a convertible and a Turbo X. So there could be something for every need. We will report news on this topic in the next few days.

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