Volvo Brennenner manufacturing in Skövde. Picture: Volvo

The burner will accompany us for a long time

Die Elektromobilität dominiert die aktuellen Diskussionen. Alternativlos soll es sein. Die ultimative Lösung, um unsere Mobilität zu sichern. Und der Verbrenner? Der ist tot. In der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung. Nachrichten, jenseits des Mainstreams, können da leicht durch das Raster fallen. Der

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Prototype of the Turkish electric car on Saab base. Photo Credit: Zorlu Holding

The Turkish Saab project is still alive

Readers who have been following the blog for some time could remember ... In September 2015, NEVS sold the license on 9-3 to Turkey. As a result, they also wanted to secure jobs and development contracts for their own company. Because Turkey did not plan less

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In front of the Volvo Museum. But Volvo is not an issue for the blog yet

Why Volvo is not (yet) a topic for the blog

Is a Volvo the alternative to a Saab? Probably the other Swedish brand is currently experiencing the stage of its development in which it is as much Saab as never before. There are more former Saab employees in Gothenburg than in Trollhättan, and some

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