Saab 9-5 V6 in Sky Blue

From old to (almost) new Saab 9-5 3.0t V6 1999 in Sky-Blue Metallic

Is it worth it with a V6? No, but ... Take a look for yourself. I think the car is looking good and refreshing, it was really worth it! When the "cost pain" has passed, the joy of this beautiful and remains

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Once North Cape and back. The recommendation: Just do it!

Once North Cape and back. Rostock - Weimar - Albbruck.

The ferry arrives early in Rostock in the morning. First the inner city driven and found a parking lot and soon also a nice little cafe that had already open and also a plentiful breakfast offered. Just right now.

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Spectacular! Bridge from Kalmar to Öland.

Once North Cape and back. From Kalix to Trelleborg.

The next stage takes me from Kalix to Trelleborg. That means crossing Sweden lengthwise. That's easy 1.600 km. Of course with intermediate stops. So in Sundsvall, the hotel Södra Berget high above the city, with a wide

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A man, a Saab and the endless spaces.

Once North Cape and back. Vardö - Ivalo - Rovaniemi - Kalix.

It goes back. Irrevocably, the Saab Cabriolet and I drive our route south. Norway, Finland and Sweden also. Wonderful landscapes, lots of water and forest pass by. Many reindeer along the route. Unfortunately, no moose seen.

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Way from the North Cape. Off to the south.

Once North Cape and back. From the Cape to Vardö.

Vardö will you say now, where is that? Well, Vardö is a community already quite far out on the North Atlantic coast of Norway. Nothing special. The Hurtigruten ship hangs here for about 15 minutes and then drives

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Saab drives Hutigruten

Once North Cape and back. Honningsvag and the Cape.

Already in Trondheim the thought came to my partner, that I could lighten up the whole journey and drive from the Lofoten with the Hurtigruten ship to Honningsvag. A good thought and so we, the Saab and I, sailed on one

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Green in green, a Saab in Lofoten, near Unstad

Once North Cape and back. The Lofoten.

From Narvik we went along the E6 to Lofoten. Immediately behind Narvik you drive an imposing bridge. Norway and bridge construction, yes, that suits. Of course you always pay well for the buildings. Most are toll, and

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Continue to the north. The old man and his Saab

Once North Cape and back. From Trondheim to Narvik.

I continue my tour alone. The old man and his Saab in the direction of Narvik. Always further north! After Trondheim I turned off soon on the coast road Fv17, the route on small roads always along the coast

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Further north in a beautiful landscape

Once North Cape and back. From Trollhättan to Trondheim.

From Trollhättan and the Saab Festival, the journey continues north. Trondheim is the destination, where a break awaits me. After we looked at the rock carvings in Tanum, we continued quickly via Hamar, Lillehammer,

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Once North Cape and back with the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet

Once North Cape and back. Prologue and start.

Once to the North Cape and back in the Saab 9-3 convertible, built in 2004, 2.0t with 175 PS and automatic. What moves you to choose this barren rock at the very tip of Norway as a destination? The loneliness and seclusion? That counts today

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Saab 96 Jubilee

Three Monte Winner types united in a fleet

We're talking about three Monte Winner vehicles that have come to me over the years. The three, Saab 96, Lancia Fulvia and Lancia Delta together have won no less than 9 times the famous Monte Carlo Rally! Long

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Seven at once. How many saws do you need to be happy?

Seven at once

Sounds like a fairy tale, but is pure reality, with all the joys and sorrows, owner pride and owner frustration. So there are actually seven Saab on our farm. Not even everyone has room in the stable, two have to stay outside!

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Saab 96 rarity

Saab 96 bought unseen in Poland

She looked a bit incredulous, my partner, when I showed her the announcement of a Saab 96 year 1980. "The car is still in Poland and you want to buy"? And anyway, we already had such an 96er ". Yes, that's right,

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