The chrome glasses after the accident

A midsummer weekend in Sweden. Part 2.

For a few days I had the hope that the repair would come about. Mattias said it would take several weeks. A specialist came who had estimated the value of the car on 100.000 kr.

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Swedish impression

A midsummer weekend in Sweden. Part 1.

With the Midsummer Festival in Sweden it's such a thing: Of course you want to do something special, enjoy nature and not stay in the city. But how is the weather going? Lots of people have “stugor”, or weekend houses, or boats - that

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Saab 9-5 chrome frame

Saab 9-5 - spoiled for choice?

From time to time I see comments and articles on topics like "Saab 9-5 before / after the facelift," General Motors politics, or general "nostalgic thoughts" - "everything was better in the old days". As so often in life, a balanced approach is worthwhile.

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