Saab dates April 2020. Oh, how about a convertible for the summer?

SAAB dates April 2020

April 2020! Before the readers delve into scheduling a quick question. Which Saab would you like to start the bright, warm season with? Wonderful cabriolets were built in Trollhättan. The best way to drive open because of style

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Saab dates in March 2020!

SAAB dates March 2020

The cover photo for our Saab calendar in March 2020 was deliberately chosen. The first generation Saab 9-5 is an endangered species and is disappearing more and more from the streets. Especially the classic with the traditional chrome grill is in the

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February. Cold, wintry. No reason not to drive openly.

SAAB dates February 2020

What is there at Saab in February? As always, lots of appointments around the small, iconic Sweden brand. Round tables all over the country shorten the time until the season starts again. And what is more pleasant than the exchange of views

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SAAB dates January 2020

Incredible, but there are still the “Saab Support Convoys”. The events with which Saab fans worldwide demonstrated their solidarity with the brand. They set an example because they took to the streets around the world. The success

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Pilots wanted 2014 in Kiel. Picture: Ute Kolla-Bliesener

Saab dates 2020 - please enter now!

Every year again! As every year, we ask the clubs, round tables and fans to send their Saab scheduling. Who is planning a meeting, where is there a new regulars' table, have we had everything in view in the past few months? Certainly not,

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Saab dates December 2019. A Saab is good in any weather.

SAAB dates December 2019

Another year almost over. The last Saab organizer for 2019, a small aid for those who can not get enough of the small Swedish cult brand. Even in the dark season, there are appointments and meetings with like-minded people. And

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SAAB dates November 2019

The November. He is cold, gray, not exactly one of the best months. Still fancy Saab? Enjoy meeting nice people and talking about the favorite brand from Trollhättan? We have the dates for the November 2019. For each

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SAAB dates October 2019

The 2019 season is slowly coming to an end. Nevertheless, the Saab scene is really turning up again. Our appointment calendar is full and feels bigger every year. Good conditions for 2020! Special highlights in

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Saab dates September 2019. Our motive is an 2006er Saab 9-7X

SAAB dates September 2019

The beauty of things is sometimes due to the details. Like our September picture, which clearly shows the headlight of a Saab against a Swedish backdrop. Does it really do that? The vehicle pictured is an 9-7X, and thus again controversial,

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SAAB dates August 2019

Summer time, medial no-man's-land. Tom and I are together the next days together to collect exciting news for the blog. Already today we have hidden in the calendar a small teaser for another saabiges event. Have fun discovering!

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SAAB dates July 2019

Our list of Saab regulars can report growth! For the first time, Alzenau, located between Aschaffenburg and Frankfurt, is also on our list. Swedish cars and their drivers can now meet each month in an American diner. The regulars' table Aschaffenburg -

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The Saab Festival 2019 is calling!

SAAB dates June 2019

The event of the month is the festival in Trollhättan. It takes place every 2 years and Trollhättan is completely in the hands of international Saab fans on these days. This reminds us of the past times, as at Göta Älv

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It is May. What's better than having a Saab open?

SAAB Dates May 2019

What's up at Saab in May? The 4. Saab meeting at the large gas station Brandshof is on the plan. And at the end of the month, the 5 calls. Saab Saturday to Osnabrück. Boredom in your spare time? It will do with the brand

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Saab 9 5 Aero. Archive:

SAAB dates April 2019

In April Saab flies the flag in Essen! Techno Classica is one of the leading trade fairs for automotive cultural goods - with an international reputation. In addition, regular tables are luring all over the republic, the Saab scene is more lively than ever.

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Our calendar picture for the month of March. Everything Swedish, but not all Saab.

SAAB dates March 2019

Tom is back tomorrow and takes on an exciting topic. But before that, our planner for the month of March. In addition to the many regulars' tables, our brand will show its flag at the Retro Classics in Stuttgart in March. A reservation in the personal

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