Known in Germany as 900S

Bella Italia - Bella SAAB - The 900 has arrived

A long story told briefly. How I became an owner of a SAAB 900 from Italy. Like some of the SAAB fans, I joined the SAAB brand a little later, these peculiar but beautiful cars from the north. As a student

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900 Turbo 16S, model year 92

Kilometers kings? Here come 3,5 million!

The SAABBLOG is looking for our kilometer kings and we Saab drivers should best be able to tell something about them. Are they not proof of sustainability? Our family has been dealing with the topic of Saab sustainably for 27 years and our Saabs have been sustainable ever since

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With wonderful cars from Trollhättan

Looking back at the 1st Saab exit Rhön 2019

After the decision was made to organize an exit yourself, it was time to organize everything: choose the route, create a roadmap, find a location for the destination and, above all, a suitable starting place, the one

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Hello Saab friends or Saab crazy people (in a positive sense) !!

The days are noticeably shorter, the temperatures drop, a year is coming to an end again ... In this pre-Christmas season you tend to let your more melancholic thoughts run free and leave the year for

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My 9-5 NG

Saab history. It started at fourteen.

The virus, it hit me out of the blue. I was just fourteen years old, and somewhere high up on a remote part of the Swabian Jura I came across a really strange automobile. What was that? I was on

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Airfield Twenthe

When joy and sorrow are close together (finale)

2 - part report by Matthias about the IntSAAB2019 in the Netherlands (Weerselo). Sunday, recovered from my gastrointestinal flu thanks to medication that I always have with me when I travel. The sun is shining, it should be a beautiful day. I'm glad

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My Saab convertible

When joy and sorrow are close together

2 - part report by Matthias about the IntSAAB2019 in the Netherlands (Weerselo) It was in April when I had to find out that my wife and I cannot go on vacation with our son in the summer. During I 14 days

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Autumnal Saab Impresions

Autumn departure Saab friends Saxony

“The Color Tour” on October 06.10.2019th, 65. Great ideas, well prepared, started with flying colors. The Chemnitz creative department of the SAAB Friends Saxony in the person of Thilo and Alex have an exciting autumn ride "shaken out of the left SAAB fender", which inspires the about XNUMX rolling Sweden mobile tourers

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Today rar, the 9000 CC Turbo

Old Swede on Swiss roads - History of my Saab 9000 Turbo

A Gray Winter's Day in January 2019 - I'm spending my time browsing through Swiss online marketplaces for used cars. In addition to many other veterans (in Switzerland, the name for a vehicle with H license plate) he jumps in my eye: A Saab

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Saab 9-5 from Greece. Low mileage.

My saabische story. A Saab from Greece.

I drive since the beginning of 2015 a Saab 9-5 2.0t (built in 2004) of the first series. With this car, I have experienced a varied history, but this does not cool my passion for the brand until today.

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The 9-5 as a great combo for all cases

Saab and the timelessness of automobiles

We Saab drivers - statistically - have old cars. So cars that are older than the average, which the KBA for Germany with 9,5 years indicates. And the times when you were looking forward to a new model are long gone.

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Two red Saabs. OK then!

"No more Saabs will be bought!"

This statement comes not from me, but from my better half. If it were up to me, there would be at least 3 more models on our farm. But from the beginning: My first Saab, a blue 900i 2.1-16V, I bought at a tender age

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Saab 9-3 TTID facelift sedan

My Saab Story 2019

My SAAB story begins in year 2008. As a junior research assistant at a chair that dealt mainly with automotive electronics, buying a car naturally was a big deal. All my colleagues suggested various models and equipment packages. One of them, the

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Invitation to the 1. Saab exit Rhön on 03.Oktober 2019

The Rhön is calling! Dear Saab friends (the female part is always included with the "friends"!), After Niels, Jonathan & Co. recently organized the great trip through the Taunus and in fact relatively few trips in the middle of Germany

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The museum was opened 1975. Image: Saab Car Museum

My - unfortunately only sporadic - experiences with the Saab 9000

So far, my personal experience with the Saab 9000 has been based on only three experiences, which will remain unforgettable for me, however, because of the respective concomitant circumstances. I have skipped the 9000 series in my personal "Saab career", each of three 96 and

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