At the lower lock of the Håverud trough bridge

The 9000 or there and back

The Hessian home has us again. The 9000 has finished the holiday in Sweden and its own little long run after 3.460 kilometers. The rest of the days in Sweden had it again.

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You have reached your destination. The 9000 in Trollhättan

The 9000 and our journey through Östra Götaland were and are under a good star. The SAAB, the passenger and the driver arrived in Trollhättan yesterday, relaxed and good.

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At home on long journeys. The SAAB 9000

The worry of an automotive defect, it is omnipresent in my subconscious. Shaved spur gears. Timing chain breakage. Failure of the gasoline pump in the Swedish wasteland. Cable break on the TDC sensor. Let's leave that.

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Saab 9000 with Öresund bridge

Where are the other SAABs going? On the way to Sweden

On the daily way to work on the A3 from Idstein to Wiesbaden (at 110 km / h on the right and maximum middle lane) I was looking for them already. Other SAAB. No matter which model. But they were not there. None. No matter

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9k Talladega Number 2 at the Saab Bil Museum

1986 - 2016 Glory Days at Sweet Home Alabama

Those of you who, in addition to the passion of SAAB, also know another passion, namely for good music, which hides under the title of two song titles that go well with my SAAB story.

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