The Saabblog stickers are back!

Good news for Saab fans! Our Saabblog stickers are back, we are distributing them to the readers. As usual, it is available in two different editions. Dark or light, so that they fit perfectly on the Saab, and not just there. Because

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Saab 9-5X XWD sports suit

The big X - Saab 9-5X XWD sports suit model year 2014

In confidential Saab documents from winter and spring 2011, the big X is always noticed. It complements the 9-5 range with a sports suit and sedan. This model never came on the market. The search for clues is difficult, and the

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Market check used car prices Saab 9-5 NG

Market check - Saab 9-5 NG used car prices - Speculative or what?

About 10 years ago, production of the last Saab model came to a standstill. The prices for used cars have developed excitingly since then. The first slump was followed by a rapid recovery. Since then, prices have been remarkably stable. Vehicles are now trickling too

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Unlimited Saab passion - our subscription offers

Change of time after around 10 years! Saab passion will continue to be read almost every day. But from now on, and that will be the difference, mainly in subscription. And because a change also offers opportunities, I came up with something.

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New year - and everything will be completely different

The turn of the year is actually completely overrated. The date changes, the state traditionally increases the tax burden, otherwise everything stays as it was. This year everything will be completely different. At least as far as the Saabblog project is concerned. It stands on one

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Merry Christmas and some thoughtfulness

As usual, Christmas is approaching with giant strides, and yet everything is different this year. The festival will be quieter and more lonely for some. Maybe a little more worried, with a view to the coming weeks. That makes me think 

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The future - how the blog project could go on

Since there will be no fundraising campaign on the blog this year, the question arises as to how the SaabBlog project will continue. On my first post, I received a lot of emails from readers who were concerned

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Minimalist - lots of light, space and glass

What happened if? Saab X_Ray Vision by Anders Warming

Oh, Saab. The brand won't let go. She is missing. There are people who want to see new Saab on the streets again. Designer Anders Warming looked into the brand. He wondered what if - if

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Saab Nikolaus at the Skandix AG

Santa Claus for Saab drivers 2020!

Many things may turn out differently this year, some traditions remain! In the foothills of the Harz Mountains, Skandix AG opens its shop for Saab drivers today. With special offers for Santa Claus, novelties and surprises that you have packed into your boot.

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Saab 900 Aero auctioned way above estimate

Far above estimate - Saab 900 Aero Turbo 16 auctioned

Auctions are a yardstick. Its result shows the condition of a brand in an incorruptible way. Whether it no longer builds cars, like Saab, or whether it produces. With the last hammer blow from the auctioneer, the truth always comes to light. What are collectors

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No fundraiser on the blog - the background

For several years now, the appeal for donations has started on the blog in mid-November. A little tradition - I then collect the budget for the coming year. The campaign goes sometimes more, sometimes less well. Usually it's a little

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Google advertising with Saab

My Saab moments this week

The week wasn't easy. Corona shapes everyday life, still. And will continue to do so. It takes a portion of optimism to get through the winter safely. Perhaps the Saab will help moments of which it is in this one

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New release: Saab 9000 from DNA Collectibles

Swedish design icon - Saab 9000 Aero

There are new releases that we are particularly excited about. When the Swiss manufacturer DNA Collectibles announced the Saab 9000 Aero, my expectations were high. On the one hand, because I'm a big fan of the series. On the other hand, because the Swiss in

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This Saab 900i from 1991 was stolen in Berlin

Please help - Saab 900i stolen in Berlin

Today we ask the readers and the Saab community for their urgent help. On November 3rd or 4th, a classic Saab 900i was stolen in Berlin. The five-door from 1991 is very well maintained. The vehicle is on some

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Saab 900 compact

The Saab 900 compact - the series that never existed

Saab's history is full of ideas that never came true. The chapter on compact Saabs is particularly tragic. The small series that was always missing. An omission that meant that Saab never came out of the basement, and

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