Wanderlust - just drive through Sweden in a Saab?

Wanderlust - when the world suddenly gets smaller

Of course, Corona leaves its mark. After months of limited social contact, things get tight. Sometimes even too tight, and you wistfully remember the time before. What you have lost is usually only noticed when it is too late

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Corona, Christmas, Saab and some espresso

How was your christmas Was it lonely Then we have something in common! Christmas 2020 will remain in my memory as a lonely festival. It's not a tragedy. On the one hand, loneliness has its justification, on the other hand it could

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Frieda dog with safety vest - just in case

A man, a dog and endless spaces

November. The days have become shorter, the temperatures noticeably lower. The November blues are in the air. Social contacts are reduced, restaurants and cafes remain closed. If you live in the country like me, then there are also conversations with neighbors

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Very archaic - coffee maker from Bialetti

The pandemic, the blogger and the espresso crisis

You can survive a pandemic. With patience, discipline and a little sensitivity. But it gets difficult when the right espresso is missing. Then everything becomes a problem, and performance and well-being are at risk. The minutes of a crisis. Almost car-free.

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Lockdown 2.0 - when the impacts are getting closer

Writing yesterday's post felt strange. The action takes place in spring 2020, Lizi and I are stuck because of the lockdown. Almost six months later we are stuck again - at least in part. With the lockdown

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The Wilhelm Tham on the Göta Canal near Trollhättan

Summer time is travel time. Or not this year?

There was lively southbound traffic on the A3 on Friday. Germany is in vacation and short-time working mode. It is travel time, even if the goals appear exotic this year. Fichtelgebirge instead of Egypt, Sauerland instead of Turkey. Quite a few stayed

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Corona and the unthinkable. Limitless travel is no longer.

Corona, Saab and the unthinkable. When there are anniversaries.

As anniversaries approach, you tend to look back. Maybe it will get sentimental, you may be surprised. When you realize that the unthinkable has happened. One of these days comes in July. 10 years ago in Sweden, Saab danced on the

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There is no UFO parked next to the Saab 9000. A garden pond from Poland.

Europe without borders. Polish Freight Forwarders Week.

Would I have ever thought that I would miss her? The white transporters with Polish license plates? With the preliminary climax of the Corona crisis, the barriers in Europe went down. Almost all borders were now tight. The German Autobahn suddenly without it

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Trollhättan 2010. Drama 10 years ago.

Large and small dramas in the automotive industry. How forgetful we are.

About a year ago I published an article here entitled “Automotive Industry. The perfect storm is coming ”. Looking back, I was wrong. Corona had nobody on their radar in summer 2019. No storm is approaching, but a big one

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Anna on the runway. Babenhausen Airfield.

Build a reserve. Workshops and COVID-19 marathon.

This week in Frankfurt - early summer weather, the sun is shining. The sky is still suspiciously empty, hardly a plane is heading for Rhein-Main Airport. It looks different on the ground. At Saab Service Frankfurt is the workshop and the

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For the mind. Merchandise Saab Independence Day.

Something for the mind? Saab Marketing Artifact for Download!

Already the 8th week of the Corona diary. Times are difficult, the news is not good. The auto industry in particular causes heartaches. Perhaps looking back helps in other difficult times as well. Something for the mind and the Saab driver

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The masked Corona Land. Crises are also opportunities.

Week 7 of the Corona Diary. Bavaria eases the restrictions slightly, other federal states are more courageous. It is difficult to keep track of what is allowed and what is forbidden. The federal system, strength and weakness of the country in one, leaves a patchwork quilt

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The time of the virologists. The time of the Saab partisans.

Week 6 of the exit restriction is behind me. It goes on in Bavaria, one more week. At least! It is the age of virologists, less of the auto industry. The is fighting on all fronts, and COVID-19 will not only have deep marks in the

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Better coordinated? Shopping and Saab driving in Corona times.

Already the 5th week of the Bavarian exit restriction. The COVID-19 column becomes an involuntary cross-country skier. In some places, the country feels like a crisis area. The hardware stores are a typical example. My preferred market, which belongs to a large chain, has

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Volvo XC90 production on Torslanda. Picture: Volvo Cars

Volvo starts production. Trollhättan stays in Corona mode

In week 4 the contact lock still applies in Bavaria. From Monday, the regulations will relax moderately. Car dealerships open their salesrooms, but under strict conditions. While Bavaria remains strict, the Swedes take a completely different approach. The country goes in

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