Auction or not - project car Paul - the final

When the Paul project began in February 2016, no one had any idea how long it would be with us. Paul, was an early Saab 9-5 sports suit in the upscale SE equipment that demanded attention. The condition was pitiful and the idea over

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Project Paul is on the way in the van

The final of a mission is approaching. Project Paul on the way to Kiel.

It started in Kiel, it will end in Kiel. Project Paul is nearing completion. The Saab 9-5 is on the way north, where our paths will separate. The story started in February 2016

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Before the ozone treatment: Thorough cleaning is mandatory!

An ozone treatment for Paul

Mark is often asked what happened to Paul, our project Saab. He was safely allowed to spend the winter in the hangar, but now it's time to say goodbye. Before that, there are still some open construction sites that need to be done.

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VW training center. But who cares VW, if you can drive a Saab?

Paul. The increase in performance and the thrill

When you switch from 9-3 II to 9-5, it's the ascent to a different vehicle class. It is September, the exit of the Saab friends Saxony has just come to an end. I had the 9-3 II with me to Saxony

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Impressions exit Saab friends Saxony 2016

10 years of SAAB friends Saxony - autumn trip

On Sunday, it's time again! The SFS - SAAB Friends of Saxony - invite you to their autumn trip. The anniversary trip starts on September 17.09th. from 10 a.m. on the parking lot of the Fischerschänke in Sachsenburg, An der Zschopau 00 in 1 Frankenberg.  

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Paul in the sunflower field.

Paul on the road and Paul makes a bitch

A few days ago we planned a trip to really good SAAB friends to Kamenz. We wanted to see each other shortly before the holiday and tell a little ... Only which car should we take?

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Jan Philipp Schumacher and Projektaab Paul in front of the Taunus Tower

Paul visits Orio Deutschland GmbH

His inaugural visit was completed by our blog Project Paul in Eschborn. Because Orio Germany is responsible for the spare parts supply of our vehicles, the road inevitably led us in the direction of Eschborn.

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An instant camera provides for analog pictures.

A logbook for our projectaab

Paul is anything but ordinary. He is an early Saab 9-5 sports car that was eventually put away and brought back into the automobile world by us. His next months as a rolling ambassador for the blog and our Saab enthusiasm would like

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Paul, our projectaab in Frankfurt.

Project Saab. The sufferings of the young P.

The good news first: Paul, our project supporter, is back on the road. For some days we have him again. The history of the past months was not without difficulties. But there have also been positive things. Of course it is not easy 

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Our projectaab stuck.

Pictures of Paul

Unfortunately, the planned photo session with Paul was canceled because the weather wasn't really compatible with our plans. Nevertheless we bring some impressions of our project saab on the blog. We hope that there will be good pictures in Sweden -

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Paul in the final sprint ...

Paul in the final sprint

Things are moving. Yesterday we fetched Paul, our projectaab, from the foil. The godparents who made this adventure possible are now present on the Swedish tin. All this looks very distinguished, because the sticker was in one

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Cup holder origami. Beautiful.

Saab 9 5. All the nice little things.

There are vehicles that are particularly closely linked to the fate of the brand. At Saab it is the first 9-5 generation. For GM, he stood for the "rise of Saab to a global brand, away from the eccentric Scandinavian". A quote from Eric

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Power plant. Optically as fresh from the tape.

Saab 9-5 sports combination 1999 project. Interim settlement.

We just wanted to know! Getting a Saab from the scrap is a crazy idea, even if you get the Saab for free. Or what? With our Saab 9-5 sport suit from the year 1999, the Paul project, we are all so

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... and also the leather seats have become attractive.

Image gallery: Project aab back from the dresser

Who still remembers the pictures from February? Paul, our project saab, looked really bad when we first met. I didn't really want him, and I suspect no one else would have wanted Paul in this condition either. Now

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Stopover. Villa Marburg in Heigenbrücken

Saab 9-5 combi 1999 test drive

A lot about the car is also a mental cinema. Highly paid marketing people have invented terms like “premium” or “impression” to get the cinema going. If we get into the vehicle of a premium provider, then we have the desired expectations. Let's start one

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