Paul - our Saab project 2016

Saab rescue successful

To get in the mood for the new photos of our Saab rescue, a look into the past could be the perfect start. In winter, photos of our Saab 9-5 first appeared on the blog; the once so proud station wagon was in a pathetic one

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Paul is here! Our projectaab in the car wash.

Paul has landed

We will no longer be able to keep to the original schedule. Actually, we wanted to get Paul out on the road for the first time when the Saab Friends Erftkreis left. We can't do that… a shame, but at least Paul is now on the blog

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Paul, our project supporter, is approaching. The papers are already here ...

Paul is coming!

Actually, Mark and I wanted to pick up our Projektaab in Kiel. Family, work and schedules spoke against it, so Paul is on the South route by car carrier. In the coming days, the 9-5 station wagon lands at the blog headquarters. We are curious!

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Logbook for Paul. We work on it.

Analog is great and Godparents for Paul (reload)

The good news right at the beginning: Paul, our project aunt for 2016, is ready for the road. In Kiel, the last little work was done and the man from the TÜV finds Paul also good. The bad news: Project Paul and mine

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Paul our projectaab 2016

Godparents for Paul

Slowly getting serious. Paul, our project team from 2016, was at the painter. Now the last work is being tackled, the friendly man from TÜV is allowed to express his opinion, then after a long break the 9-5 will finally be asphalt under the tires again

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Paul's cockpit.

The shadows of the past

A nice day in March. The sun is shining, the work is good by the hand, and when you open the office window, you can hear the birds singing for joy in the spring. Perfect, right? But just when it's perfect

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Paul in the workshop

How can we help?

The Paul story goes into the sequel. We have a list of spare parts, and at Saab Kiel the mechanics are ready for Paul. In addition, our 9-5 has an appointment with the painter. Since I get a call! Who is on

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Paul - our project subscription 2016

Projectaab: To-do list

In some places the paint is off, on others grow mosses. Paul, our Projektaab, is not a nice car. His best years are behind him. I had reservations when I put the pictures of Paul online. Auto blogs impress for

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Allow Paul - with Tom and Mark

Allow: Paul!

February. The clouds hang low over northern Germany. That suits my mood. You wanted it that way, says an inner voice. She is right. What had we thought about and dreamed of ... a project car for the blog ... a Viggen, an Aero, a convertible.

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No. That's not Paul. Guaranteed.

The Saab, which we do not want to buy.

It's time to talk about our project car. The support of our readers makes it possible for the first time - we will have a project Saab on the blog. A car “made by Trollhättan” that will be with us for 12 months. The

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