Saab R900 - ready for the Koeln-Ahrweiler

Saab 900R at the ADAC Rally Cologne-Ahrweiler

There are news from the Saab 900R. We remember: the forgotten Rally Saab, which we tracked down 2013 in Upper Franconia in February. His condition was sad, designer Uli Weimann was looking for a new home for the Group A racing car.

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Saab Inside number 4

Saab Inside Magazine - Number 4

Today, the new Saab Inside magazine arrived by post on the blog. Edition number 4 of the Saab Service Club is the most beautiful issue so far, so my opinion. The printed edition is not available for purchase - it is a small one

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The 9-3 prototypes 2015

Turkey to license SAAB 9-3 technology from NEVS

Following announcements from earlier this week, NEVS has signed a new partnership with TÜBITAK, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. This cooperation includes licensing SAAB 9-3 technology and the provision of expertise in several areas.

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Saab Stammtisch Central Germany, photoshoot at the Feininger Turm

5. Saab Stammtisch Central Germany

At the 13.06.2015, just a few days after the Trollhättan trip to Sweden, the next Saab event was already on. Marc from Apolda organized the 5. Saab Stammtisch Central Germany.

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For the seventh time the Höbold family invited to Bitterfeld last Saturday - Holzweißig for the SAAB meeting. In perfect weather, saws came to the outdoors SAAB service via 40.

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The SAAB community is alive. We had already written extensively in the past week. Currently we received a message from the far north of Germany. There will be the 06 on Friday. In March the Stammtisch of the SAAB Club Norddeutschland eV took place.

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So now from my side to all readers and SAAB driver (s) n a successful and, above all, healthy year 2015. My first article comes very late, but the desk was so full after the days off at Christmas and the New Year,

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United We Stood

I actually never thought I would write this post. Better said, I never hoped. Disbelief and major disappointment were the main emotions when I read the recent posts on Saabsunited in the past week. What a journey this

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This weekend we are again on the road with the convertible. Because Dresden is probably the most beautiful rally in Germany. The 6. Convertible Rally Saxony organized by the Mobilforum Group.

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My visit to the AMI of the Auto Mobil International in Leipzig was planned long before the production stop in the Stallbacka. It certainly was not to be expected that NEVS 2014 was represented at a European auto show. If any

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Admittedly, the organizers of the Sunday exit come from Saxony. But with participants from Bavaria, Thuringia and even from Lower Saxony Alex and Heiko probably did not expect!

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What makes a perfect SAAB trip? For all, who unfortunately could not be there on Saturday and for all of them, a short report here.

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We have repeatedly reported on the blog about the countless events and excursions and the many activities in the SAAB community. In our diary you will find an exit or a meeting for almost every weekend.

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If you look at the SAAB diary for 2014, you would think there was never any problem with the supply of new vehicles from Trollhättan. Regularly the meetings of the individual Stammtisch take place. Very many exits and meetings

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SAAB News: Dates 2014

The SAAB community will be very active again in the year 2014. The first meetings of the Stammtisch are already included in the calendar. In the summer you (or woman) then again almost every weekend a meeting or a lovingly organized

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