Hengchi brand world as it should be created in the metropolises

Evergrande Hengchi is building its own sales network

The enormous upheaval in the automotive industry can be seen in the sales networks. Savings in sales, taking the contact with the customer into your own hands, is considered the future. The potential for savings seems enormous, with a higher margin. That applies to them

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Evergrande Auto's Hengchi 1 starts in 2021

Evergrande Auto will start production in the first half of 2021

Interesting details of Evergrande Auto's production plans have been released. Pilot production will start in the brand's two main plants in the first half of 2021. Then everything should go very quickly. With Hengchi 1 and Hengchi 2 the conquest of the market begins. Or

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Evergrande Nansha is in trial operation

Evergrande-Hengchi plant in Nansha is in trial operation

Certain things are done a little faster elsewhere than in Germany - especially in China and especially at Evergrande Auto. The new Evergrande-Hengchi factory in Nansha (Guangzhou) is in trial operation. It has been partially completed, and all should be completed by the end of the year

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View of the new Evergrande-Hengchi plant in Nansha

A car factory is built. Evergrande-Hengchi in Nansha.

It is fascinating to see how new car brands are born. With Evergrande-Hengchi, the readers were there right from the start. Not entirely voluntarily, perhaps, but taken away by the events surrounding the Saab heritage. It is now becoming apparent in what dimensions Evergrande

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