Evergrande Auto worth more than GM or Ford

Evergrande Auto was represented with 2021 models at Auto Shanghai 9. In front of the hall, visitors were able to test drive a Hengchi SUV for the first time. And on television there was a 30-minute live broadcast just about the Hengchi brand. A great show

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Former Byton CEO Dr. Daniel Kirchert on Evergrande Auto

The blog had already reported two weeks ago about the rumor of a possible switch to Evergrande Auto. Now, Chinese media confirm Dr. Daniel Kirchert (Dai Lei) on Evergrande Auto. Kirchert had with the former in 2016

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Evergrande Auto at Auto Shanghai 2021

The time will come in a few days. Auto Shanghai opens its doors on April 19 - the big Evergrande Auto show can begin. Because the expected performance should indeed be great. In addition to well-known vehicles like Hengchi

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Evergrande Auto will start production in the fourth quarter

More than a dozen cars are in the pipeline. Modern factories for the production of components or electric cars are completed or under construction. The start of production and market entry are getting closer and closer. And they are not only found in China

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Bet on the premium segment - Hengchi 1

Hengchi 1 is getting closer, production will start in 2021. For Evergrande Auto, it's a bet on the premium segment that needs to be redeemed. If the new brand's electric car had not been given little chance not so long ago, they are

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Evergrande Auto Hengchi 4 - the series design

So far there have only been pictures of Hengchi 4 that show the concept car. The MPV is so far the only 7-seater in the Evergrande Auto product range. Its series design has now been registered for protection. When production starts, it ends

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Mercedes EQS as a benchmark?

Hengchi 3 - Hyperscreen and enormous range

More and more details about the Hengchi electric cars leak to the media. Evergrande Auto's Hengchi 3 is an all-electric luxury-class SUV. There are no current pictures of him and no clearly assignable prototypes. It would be possible that the

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All-electric limousine - Hengchi 7

Three new cars from Evergrande - share price jump

Evergrande Auto has launched three more models via social networks. Hengchi 7 through 9 were shown. Anyone who expected an SUV show could be disappointed. Evergrande can also be limousine and surprise with attractive designs. Although a large number of international designers

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10 Hengchi SUVs in the winter test

Evergrande Auto's Hengchi SUV on winter test drive

It's going to be exciting, the Evergrande Auto market launch is getting closer. While Hengchi 1, an all-electric luxury sedan, is already known, the rest remains mysterious. For the first time, an SUV has now been spotted. Actually not just one, because in the Evergrande style

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Faraday Future FF 91

Evergrande Auto - Faraday Future - Geely

It has grown quiet, but Faraday Future is still around. The Californian start-up has an eventful past. Whether it will also have a future is open. Started to scare Tesla, the crash came after the initial hype.

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New capital for Evergrande Auto

Evergrande Auto raises billions in additional capital

Evergrande Auto, owner of NEVS and the former Saab factory, has successfully raised capital on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company plans to launch 14 new electric cars from 2022. The ambitions to beat Tesla are

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Hengchi 1 - Swedish development work is inside

NEVS present and future - more Chinese than ever

With the complete takeover by Evergrande, the situation of NEVS has changed. What are the specific effects? When will there be cars from the Stallbacka again and how much money has Evergrande invested in Trollhättan so far? Has the old one

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NEVS Mule in Trollhättan - SUV test vehicle? Photo credit: FCE

Secret revealed - Evergrande NEVS Mule in Trollhättan

In August last year, the photo of a NEVS Mule attracted attention. A mysterious vehicle, well camouflaged under an old Saab 9-3 body. What was hidden under the camouflage has not yet been clarified. The secrecy in Trollhättan works

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Hengchi 1 with ultra-vision glass dome and displays for the rear passengers

Traditional luxury - the interior of Hengchi 1

Evergrande Auto wants to get the auto industry moving with the Hengchi brand. Expectations are high, but there is no revolution. But not the surprise. In the interior, Hengchi 1 is traditional and pampered with luxury reminiscent of the heyday

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Hengchi 1 was drawn by Anders Warming

Hengchi 1 in the production version

Hengchi 1 is expected to begin mass production of Evergrande Auto in the second half of 2021. So far there have only been pictures of the concept car. New pictures show Hengchi 1 as he will run off the conveyor belt. The design is therefore close to

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