NEVS before full takeover by Evergrande

NEVS before complete takeover by Evergrande

Breaking news! NEVS is about to be completely taken over by Evergrande. The group of companies announced that it would like to take over the outstanding shares within a very short time. Evergrande currently holds 82.4% of the shares. The full takeover is expected within one day.

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Ulrika Hultgren. Senior Director Corporate Communication

Ulrika Hultgren Senior Director Corporate Communication

Back in Trollhättan and in the former Saab factory. Ulrika Hultgren takes up her position as Senior Director Corporate Communication at NEVS. She is no stranger because she held a similar position in the press department until 2017. Your

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Evergrande builds factory for electric drives

Evergrande establishes production for electric drives in Huzhou

Evergrande announces another groundbreaking! The go-ahead for the construction of an additional factory was given on May 22. The plant will be built in Huzhou, Zehjiang Province. It produces electric drives for the expected electric cars from the Evergrande Group.

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Benteler deepens cooperation with NEVS-Evergrande

Extended cooperation. Benteler develops axis modules for Evergrande.

The corona situation is delaying plans. The development of the new electric cars from Evergrande and NEVS has remained calm in recent months. Short-time work has been announced for Trollhättan until June, and activities in China are now starting up again. Now

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A Swede from China. NEVS 9-3 EV in Wallhamn

A Swede comes from China. NEVS 9-3 EV in Wallhamn.

Wallhamn is the automotive gateway to the world for Sweden. The industry processes its global exports via the port located somewhat north of Gothenburg. Construction machines, cars and buses from Volvo, heavy Scania trucks are waiting on the site. Wallhamn offers space

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Patent drawings from China show Hengchi 1

Exciting question. Does Hengchi 1 come with Saab genes?

Chinese media have published patent drawings to show Hengchi 1. The newly developed vehicle from NEVS - Evergrande is to be shown this year and built in 2021. Maybe also in the former Saab factory in Trollhättan. He is reported to Saab

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Evergrande's first electric car is said to be an SUV

Evergrande Group extends losses

The Corona crisis is not without consequences for the Evergrande Group. The real estate giant expects an increase in losses and issues a profit warning. In view of an ongoing need to invest in electric car expansion, this is a worrying development. And there are

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This is how Volvo, Scania, NEVS react to the Corona crisis

The corona virus is also spreading rapidly in Sweden. Scania, Volvo and NEVS react to this. While the big manufacturers close their factories and send thousands of employees into the forced break, NEVS takes a completely different path. It offers Swedish citizens for the first time

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NEVS 9-3 electric car with wheel hub motors from Protean

NEVS 9-3 electric car with wheel hub motors in the winter test

Images were shared on social media yesterday showing the NEVS 9-3 electric car in Sundsvall, Sweden on the return from the annual winter tests. A sign of the activities in the Stallbacka, of which, unfortunately, little is leaking out at the moment.

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On the way in Saab city Trollhättan

Hiring and job cuts in Trollhättan

The changes in the auto industry are happening at breathtaking speed. The old Saab site in Trollhättan is a kind of open-air laboratory where you can study the upheavals well. Because what 2011 was still in demand is of no interest today. For dominate completely

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The crisis at Sono Motors has affected the construction of the Sion in Trollhättan

Sion and the effects on Trollhättan

In Munich, the signs are on storm! The founders of Sono Motors are changing their strategy, seeking a solidarity with the community and trying to save financing and independence. This has an impact on their schedule. And of course on Trollhattan.

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Evergrande car summit in Guangzhou. Picture: Evergrande

Evergrande electric car Hengchi 1 is introduced to 2020

The plans become more concrete. Evergrande's first electric car, the Hengchi 1, is on 1. Half-year 2020 presented. The series production launches 2021, it should form the prelude to an offensive with at least 15 new vehicles. Evergrande plans with a huge one

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Main entrance earlier Saab factory in Trollhättan

The future and the uncertainties in Trollhättan

It's been almost 8 years - since the black of December, when the lights went out in Trollhättan. Not much has happened since then. The entry of Evergrande brought new hope at the beginning of the year, but at the same time new uncertainties. Where are Trollhättan and

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That used to be. The first 9-3 Aero model year 2014 is off the line. The last new car is now available at auction.

The last one produced Saab. The auction is running.

Since the 31. October you can bid in Sweden on the last produced Saab. The auction will be on 6. November at 10: 00 clock end. The course so far is remarkable and manifests the status of the Saab brand for some fans. simultaneously

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An opera house? No, the Polestar production center in Chengdu. Picture: Polestar

Pininfarina designs NEVS for Evergrande

Only a few weeks after the visit of Evergande CEO Xu Jiayin to Italy, the scope of the cooperation with Pininfarina is beginning to become clear. The traditional Italian company is not just another partner for the development of Evergrande and the new car brand

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