9 years of Saab blog. A changing project.

9 years Saabblog - a changing project

Yesterday the Saab blog celebrated its birthday. 9 years is quite old for a blog. Stone old, one can say. Comparable pages usually end after three or four years. If the authors lose their desire to consider the topic as

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How does 2020 continue with the Saab blog?

Lust, load, frustration and how 2020 could go on

I'm probably most surprised by Allen. The year 2019 is almost finished, and the blog still exists. I would not have wanted to bet on that at the beginning of the year. Too clearly all the signs pointed south, come it is

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No, this is not the model year 2020. But the model year 2010 in Trollhättan.

Our virtual Saab model year 2020

In mid-August, the Swedish summer break is over. Actually, new vehicles should now roll off the production lines in Trollhättan - let the Saab model year 2020 begin. Facelift has always been important in Saab's history. Permanent improvement to keep the offer fresh

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It's time. We'll go offline.

Update and upgrade. We'll go offline!

Everything is moving and changing. So has the blog, which has been online for more than 8 years. It is time for changes and modifications. So a break, and we'll go offline. On Sunday will be

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More than 8 millions of readers on the blog!

8 million blog readers!

8 years blog, 8 million readers. Yesterday, shortly after 15: 00 PM, we welcomed the 8 millionth reader on our site. Not bad, because Saab is neither a trendy topic, nor do we have a large audience. But the opportunity, about the changes

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Saab Blog Mission 2019?

The blog started in 2011 and is now almost 8 years old. A long time - and a lot for a blog. Usually private social media projects last less than 5 years before they are stopped or gently passed away. In

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Saab classifieds, new features!

After the successful start of our Saab classifieds category, we have, as promised, added new functions. Because the classifieds should be simple and easy to understand for every advertiser to manage. In addition, there are functions to mark an item as sold or

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Separation. Saab 9-5 NG for sale!

Shortly before the Easter holidays an article in its own right. It's time for a breakup, my Saab 9-5 NG is for sale. After a little more than 4 years, a farewell that is not so easy. Because of the 9-5 NG

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New service for our international readers

Standstill has never been an option for the blog. We have changed and improved a lot in the technical field in recent weeks. Some readers have noticed. Some features have been restricted for a longer period, which we apologize for.

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Blog donation 2018. We need support.

Blog donation 2018 and blog future

Sometimes a look to Sweden helps to understand our situation. In the home of Saab, the media landscape has changed a lot during the last 12 months. Small, local newspapers are fighting for survival.

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Saab 9-3x Concept. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive Saabblog.net

Short break. If the blog (ger) has a runny nose

The brief blog break was associated with a simultaneous catching up on the blogger's cold, perhaps symbolic of the blog and its future. Whether, figuratively speaking, it will only stay with a morning cold, will show.

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Saabblog.net Sticker V 2.0

Saabblog.net Sticker Version 2.0

The first edition of our stickers was sold out very quickly. But the influx of envelopes continued unabated, so we ordered the next order. Our print volume is thus 4-digit, not bad for a car brand without production.

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Saab letters to the blog

Many letters to the blog. Chairs at NEVS.

Sometimes the blog team is amazed at how wonderfully analog the world can still be. Hand on heart, when did we get the last letter? Handwritten, just like in the past. In the last few days our mailbox was always full.

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An embossed Saab lettering decorates the cover.

Tell us your Saab story!

It's time for Mark and I to ask our readers about Saab stories. So that we can motivate as many Saab fans as possible, we have come up with a very special incentive. You may remember readers who regularly blog

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Saabblog.net stickers. Take care of every Saab and everywhere else.

Saabblog.net stickers. Easter present for the community.

With the closure of our fan shop, dozens of emails ended up in my mailbox. It was also about Saab stickers and ideas on how to continue. And there were suggestions as to what basic equipment you need to be satisfied as a Saab fan

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