Spanish moments - lockdown and new paint for the Saab

Barcelona, ​​the second weekend in March. There is a strange mood in the country. The rumor mill is simmering. A great uncertainty and fear is spreading in the face of the ever worse corona reports. And then it comes. On March 13.03th, shortly before 21:00 p.m., the Spanish

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Meer and Saab, that fits!

Spanish Saab and Porsche history and sentimentalities

It is now the end of February. Lizi is back in Spain. Salesman Daniel kept his word. The 9-5 Aero is rolling on almost new Michelin tires and has got new oil. The handover goes without any problems, a little money and a car

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Interlude - Classical City of Frankfurt

Interlude in Frankfurt. Money and plans and a trip.

Thumbs up in Barcelona. Juan von Berma thinks the 9-5 is a good car. Finally Lizi calls and tells about the test drive. He's completely excited, so am I. When it comes to toys, it doesn't matter how

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A Saab 9-5 Aero on sale near Barcelona

The Spanish side of life? Just an interlude?

A Saab is being sold in Spain. In principle, it is too good to be true. An aero from the first series, less than 80.000 kilometers on the clock. Light interior, midnight blue paint. Midnight blue! My favorite color when it comes to Saab. The Saab

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The disaster. When Talheim becomes Waterloo.

In Bavaria, Christmas is considered the quiet, quiet time. At the turn of the year, Corona still seems far away, and I use my free time to think about my 9-5 project. The Saab is safe in Talheim, I'm planning for that

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Light at the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train?

In my search for my new 9-5, I notice how the prices for the Aero versions are increasing. Powerful cars with as little electronics as possible are in demand. The counter-trend towards electric cars and mobile smartphones. For me it doesn't have to be an aero

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A Saab 9-5? Yes which one should it be?

A few days ago I started looking for a Saab 9-5. I haven't really made any progress yet, first questions arise in conversation with a friend. Saab really offers with the old 9-5 series

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About the difficulties of buying a Saab 9-5

It's autumn 2019. I'm strolling through the Saab hangar and making plans. Paul is parked there and he is supposed to be sold next year. A 9000 also has to work, probably the white CS. But then? It doesn't get lonely, a little

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