Welcome to Frankfurt with the Ratzmanns

Mr. X - sometimes everything turns out differently

It is clear. I want to buy the car, finish it gentlemanly, and bring it to Germany to make a Saab fan happy. I firmly believe in finding one. My offer is not outrageous, but it includes a

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Saab 9000 CSE

A multiple Saab deja vu

I've seen it all before ... In multiple versions ... Autumn 2013. I was completely far from the "Saab scene". Had my Saab enthusiasm and the "no-go" 902 V6 convertible, which I called Gustav. How I got to Gustav, I have

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Saab 9 3 Aero 2004

A meeting of the Saab generations with personal consequences

I follow the navigation system and enjoy the ride in the Gustav - the 902 V6 convertible, which many readers should already be familiar with. The incredible first encounter with gentleman comes back to my mind, and although miracle is difficult to repeat

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Red & Hot - a Saab Cabriolet

Why sales portals should sometimes be avoided

An early Wednesday morning. I'm looking forward to the new post on the blog that was announced by email. "La bella rossa" is his name. And I think the car described is simply beautiful. I like saab. And I like red - on cars.

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