Saab engine - about which car?

Picture puzzle: Motor + Trionic + longitudinal installation =?

Shortly before the weekend I feel like a Saab picture puzzle after a long time. It's about the engine, which is easy to identify as a Saab machine. But, damn it, something can not be right there! Because the machine is sitting

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Battery charging, power consumption, range in the instrument cluster.

Saab 9-3 Griffin ePower (Picture Resolution)

On Friday, we were looking for a Saab that does not actually exist. Because of this, many answers were probably very close to the truth, but not correct to 100%. That it also has a Griffin from the Saab 9-3 electric car

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A Saab, of course. But which?

Saab picture puzzle. What kind of Saab is this?

A Saab is a Saab, is a Saab. Only, which Saab is it here? As is so common in picture puzzles, there are some hints. The Saab we are looking for is unremarkable. He is a real Swede. Built and

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Who am I?

Saab picture puzzle. Who am I?

Some readers like it, others don't like it at all ... my thinking outside the box. Before we become a complete youngtimer and classic blog, a look into the automotive world is more important than ever. I also had the readers

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Phoenix platform - resolution

There was a lot going on on the blog at the weekend! Our traffic was unusually high for a Saturday and Sunday. This was due to the Saab picture puzzle, which was about the Phoenix platform.

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Phoenix platform

Our Saab picture puzzle reaches a new evolutionary stage. Previously you had to guess pictures, this time you have to find them. It's about the Saab Phoenix platform. The story begins with a story beyond Saab.

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Rebus. What is this kind of part?

It's time again for a Saab picture puzzle. In the previous riddles, we asked our readers about engines and designs. But that was kid stuff, our puzzle today is a bit more difficult.

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Rebus. Saab 9-3x Concept by Michael Maurer.

He was for a short time the bearer of hope in Trollhättan. Michael Maurer, German design star, now responsible at Porsche. In the year 2000 he came from Mercedes to Saab, became the Executive Director Design. Exciting studies like Saab 9x and 9-3x are coming from

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Picture puzzle. Saab design by ... ?

Our last picture puzzle was a bit difficult! A design by Björn Envall, not easy to guess. Meanwhile, the story goes with the Saab puzzles in round 3, and we ask the question, what can be seen in the picture and

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Picture puzzle. Saab design by Björn Envall - the story.

Our last picture puzzle showed a Saab design by Björn Envall. The story behind the sketch begins at the Saab Festival 2013 in Trollhättan. A typical story that you can experience only with Saab and no other brand. The

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