Antiquarian and expensive. Saab 9-5 - a personal story.

Actually, the Saab 9-5 and not the 900 II was the first car that was constructed under the influence of GM. That is a realization when you read Anders Tunberg's books. In the book “Saab 900 - a Swedish story” comes

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Saab - we did it. New Saab book

Contemporary witnesses tell a story. Saab - WE did it!

After the first book about the Gunnar Ljungström era at Saab was quickly sold out, the authors ventured into another work. Under the title “SAAB - WE dit it”, Gunnar Larsson and Gunnar Johansson illuminate a second time

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You have to have that! A really thick Saab book.

In January I briefly presented the “Stora Boken om Saab” on the blog. A really thick Saab book that spans 400 pages. A friend brought me a copy from Sweden to “Pilots Wanted”, an occasion, more than just that

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Saab history from 1968 to 1998. Saab 99,90 & 900

Saab literature is rare and every new publication is something of a small sensation. Motorbuchverlag has shown courage and, together with author Martin Gollnick, has launched a book on the small series from Trollhättan. 30 years of Saab -

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Sista Striden - new Saab book

Must be read. Saabs sista strid.

In Sweden, three years after the end of the Saab Automobile AB, they start to work on the Saab story. Certainly not accidentally, in the middle of the final phase of the election campaign, a new Saab book has appeared. The TV journalist

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SAAB book. Saab - The way of a cult brand.

Another Saab book? Yes, another new publication and a book with which I had one or the other problem. One reason why the book's discussion took so long. Because time and again I asked myself the one question: I like the book, or I do not like it. The author Dieter Günter does not do it that easy for us.

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Saab 64 1947 2011. A colorful journey through the history of the brand

Lots of pictures and very little text. Saab 64 - 1947-2011.

How is a book defined? Lots of text, a few pictures. If that is true, then we have a problem. The new Saab book by Nicolas Demuynck has little text and many pictures. The little text is then distributed on

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Saab book: The way of a cult brand

The path of a cult brand. New Saab book has landed

The delivery of the new Saab book "Saab - The Path of a Cult Brand" is now eagerly awaited. Today, the first copies arrived with us. Of course I had to look immediately into the book, there is no waiting. The first impression is very good, the book is lovingly designed and the history of Saab is discussed to the present day.

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Saab 900 a Swedish story by Anders Tunberg

Anders Tunberg. Saab 900 - a Swedish story.

As promised, we're starting our Saab book series today. Anders Tunberg's Saab 20 book appeared 900 years ago, and two decades can be a long time. The car industry has changed a lot during these years, and some car brands are now

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SAAB literature. There are many Saab books. Here is just part of it!

Literature, literature, literature. Lots of Saab books!

In 21 years of Saab enthusiasm accumulates a lot of literature. Time not to bring old Saab books to light. Our cult brand is interesting for authors, and after a long break, we get this year - finally - one

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Saab the complete story

Saab Cars - The Complete Story. Really the whole story?

Can you tell the complete story of the Saab car division on 272 pages? It's a challenge, but you can do it. Or rather: Lance Cole can do it. His latest Saab book, this is his second publication on Saab, tells the story of automobile production from its beginnings to current events in the summer of 2012.

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Saab Sonett No. 4

A book for a car. History of Saab Sonett No. 4th

A book for a car. A special car, Saab Sonnet I, no. 4 6 built copies. So really rare and with a very special life story. And actually, two cars miraculously became two. This strange started

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Saab 96 & V4

Focus on rally history. Rally Giants - Saab 96 and V4

A book focusing on the Saab 96 rally history. In the 1960s, the front-wheel drive Saab 96 made the brand a true icon of rallying. With success at major events such as the Rallye Monte Carlo and the RAC Rallye

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