SAAB books. New Saab book has landed

The delivery of the new Saab book "Saab - The Path of a Cult Brand" is now eagerly awaited. Today, the first copies arrived with us. Of course I had to look immediately into the book, there is no waiting. The first impression is very good, the book is lovingly designed and the history of Saab is discussed to the present day.

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SAAB books: Saab 900 - a Swedish story

Before 20 years, Anders Tunberg's Saab 900 book appeared, and two decades may be a long time. In these years, the car industry has changed dramatically, and some car brands have now disappeared. Saab was in transition. GM had moved into Trollhättan with 50%, and in the stablebacka ruled with Keith Butler Wheelhouse, the first manager from the US group.

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SAAB book: Saab Cars - The Complete Story

Can you tell the complete story of the Saab car division on 272 pages? It's a challenge, but you can do it. Or rather: Lance Cole can do it. His latest Saab book, this is his second publication on Saab, tells the story of automobile production from its beginnings to current events in the summer of 2012.

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