Picture Gallery - 1. Saab Taunus exit

Niels Burock has the 1. Saab Taunus exit accompanied as a photographer. He is an enthusiastic Saab driver himself, currently working on his private Saab 96 project. In the scene, his photographic style is not unknown. Because he designed the popular

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Rolling cultural asset in the Taunus

The 1. Saab Taunus - exit

It was the end of May, the SAAB Saturday in Osnabrück has just come to an end and Jonah, Niels and Justus are on their way back to the Rhine-Main area. It was the return trip on which the stone belonged for an exit in the Frankfurt area

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Airfield Twenthe

When joy and sorrow are close together (finale)

2 - Partial report by Matthias about the IntSAAB2019 in the Netherlands (Weerselo). Sunday, recovered from my gastrointestinal flu thanks to medications that I always have with me when traveling. The sun is shining, it's supposed to be a nice day. I'm glad

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Saab - Subaru at the Essen Motor Show

Reload! Saab and Subaru at the Essen Motorshow

They do it again and that's a good thing. 2018 shared the 1. German Saab Club and the Subaru Drivers Club for the first time a booth. An experiment that was well received by the visitors. So good that you can put it in

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My Saab convertible

When joy and sorrow are close together

2 - Partial report by Matthias about the IntSAAB2019 in the Netherlands (Weerselo) It was in April when I found out that my wife and I can not go vacation together with our son during the summer. While I 14 days

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Airfield Dlzin

Report on Saab Session Slovakia 2019

From the 18. to 20. October marks the 8-th anniversary of Saab Session Slovakia. The Saab meeting, which has meanwhile become a tradition in October, this time took place in Bojnice and was the second largest Slovak meeting to date

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The 900. Old, but tough.

Saab Festival Part 4: Dark clouds over Trollhättan.

The rain has the festival grounds on this Sunday under control. The good mood is kept within limits, should the last festival day come to a close in the well-known parts market. So the weather clouds the mood and we start

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Saab Festival Part 3 - The model year 2020

Saturday starts the way Friday ended - rainy. What has been indicated in the last few days by weather report, so is slowly becoming reality. The festival is threatening to fall into the water. But whether wind or rain, it is the

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Saab Festival 2019 - Review Part 2: First Festival Day

Festival, first day. It is important to work through the first exciting program. For the first time you have the opportunity to lend a hand in two locations and to expand long sought after parts. Anyone who takes the trouble to drive to Lidköping will also

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Saab Festival 2019 - Review Part 1: Approach to Trollhättan

It's been two months since the Saab Festival ended in Trollhättan. A rainy but still terrific weekend, which deserves a final report. High time to complete one of the most important Saab events in line with the blog!

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Blog, Instagram, YouTube - Roadmap to the festival!

Finally the time has come. The festival is right on the doorstep. Trollhättan becomes the Mecca of the SAAB fans, and Justus and I are here for the first time. Of course, the blog should not be neglected. The concept for the festival

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In less than 2 weeks begins the Saab Festival 2019

Preview. Saab Festival 2019 in Trollhattan.

It will be over in less than two weeks! The Saab Festival in Trollhättan opens its doors. The hospitable city on the Göta Älv will be the Mecca of the Saab world for a few days, attracting fans from many countries

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Exit the Saab friends Thuringia

SAAB Friends Thuringia - Spring Departure 2019

It's Saturday, the 04. May. Outside it is snowing and raining all day long. In our WhatsApp group, pics of snowy gardens and bad weather are piling up. No good prospects! It is the day before the spring departure of

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4. Hamburger Saab meeting

Hamburg shows flag

The SAAB events this year are coming in quick succession. Exactly one week after our meeting in Harz, Tom, Justus and myself are in Hamburg for the meeting. Like every year, the oldtimer gas station calls for already 4.Treffen. For me

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City highway! Saab rules!

Picture Gallery. Pilots wanted 2018!

An addendum from the sunny days in Kiel. With a record attendance, the international Saab 9-5 NG meeting took place at 8. and 9. June. The guests were Saab 9-4x riders for the first time, a combination that fit very well. And

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