Saab 900 speculation

We've gotten used to the fact that the prices for the classic Saab 900 are on the up. Friend Mark has been on the hunt for his 900er for a long time, so far without great success.

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SAAB Parking only!

There are many more or less tastefully made “Saab Parking only” signs on the Internet. For my parking spaces, which are all firmly in Saab's hand, I really didn't want to like them.

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We have reported several times on the blog about the countless events and trips and the diverse activities in the SAAB community. In our calendar you will find an excursion or a meeting for almost every weekend.

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SAAB fan shop. Limited editions and more.

We used the summer break to add more new products to our Saab fan shop. That's how it is with the holiday ... The most charming newcomer by far comes from NEO Scale Models and is a Saab 92B. The B-Type was a premiere for Saab, as it was the first car from the small brand from Trollhättan to be exported in small quantities.

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SAAB News: The Saab Troll is back!

In the 60 years, brand new Saabs with the little troll sticker on the side window rolled off the ribbons in Trollhättan. Anyone who came up with this idea and which story is behind it is forgotten today. At least Saab proved humor and the

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Saab license plate holder “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls”

The Saab license plate holders, which emphasize the Swedish origin of our brand, spread so slowly across Germany and Austria. Only the (poor) Swiss Saab friends have a problem with the different sign sizes. Unfortunately, I do not get it solved at the moment, because

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Saab Fan Articles: An iPhone = a Saab Phone

Some time ago I wrote that Saab and Apple would work well together. What some thought Apple was now too mainstream. Anyway, without wanting to initiate a policy debate. Saab and iPhone go well together, like the following picture

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