Tallers Berma, the Saab savior from Barcelona

The story of the Saab rescuers from Barcelona

Carrer de Rafael Battle. A quiet street in a rather upmarket residential area in Barcelona. In the house with the number 14 there is a small auto repair shop. Her name is "Tallers Berma". Not an unusual phenomenon in itself. When the gate is open, resembles

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900 Turbo 16S, model year 92

Kilometers kings? Here come 3,5 million!

The SAABBLOG is looking for our kilometer kings and we Saab drivers should best be able to tell something about them. Are they not proof of sustainability? Our family has been dealing with the topic of Saab sustainably for 27 years and our Saabs have been sustainable ever since

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Autumnal Saab Impresions

Autumn departure Saab friends Saxony

“The Color Tour” on October 06.10.2019th, 65. Great ideas, super prepared, started with flying colors. The Chemnitz creative department of SAAB Friends Sachsen in the person of Thilo and Alex have an exciting autumn ride "shook from the left SAAB fender", which enthuses the XNUMX mobile Sweden mobile tourers

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