Fiat, Volvo or Alfa? What a really convinced Saab driver drives.

I don't know now whether as a Saab driver with a Saab, no matter which model and which year, you cause a lot of attention among the common people. Except of course for connoisseurs, of course. I myself was lucky in the course

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Saab 9-3 Cabriolet - my best Saab

Saab for 40 years - from the 99 to the 9-3 convertible

Once Saab, always Saab! From the 99 to the 9-3 convertible - a completely satisfied Saab story. When I was faced with the decision to buy a slightly larger and faster car in 1979, I was initially at a loss. The premium brands from Germany touched me

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More than a balloon - advertising for the airbag

Volvo 940, 960 or the new 850?

One of the prejudices against copywriters is that they'll lie in their ads, that the bars will bend. But that's not true. In principle quite the opposite. The competition reads along and is quick to file a lawsuit

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As a Saab driver copywriter at Volvo

Volvo, Saab or Volvo - copywriters at Volvo

So, as a convinced Saab driver, I was suddenly an advertising copywriter for Volvo and tried in the most creative advertising agency in Switzerland to bring the local sales figures from less than 5000 units per year to the targeted 7500. But how do you do it? In Sweden

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Big garden - lots of Saab - ideal!

Has Corona changed the Saab community?

Actually, a question that can be answered very clearly. I would like to anticipate the answer and answer from my point of view with a decided yes and no! But no fear! I do not want to hold a scientific treatise here on the (probable) bad word of 2020.

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The story takes place in an analog time. Pictures are rare. The 99 is therefore only an example image.

Volvo, Saab or public transport?

So my first car was a used Saab. A 99 GL in Indian Yellow. With a few kilometers under his belt, but on the whole in good shape. And with front-wheel drive, which was important to me as a cross-country skier with competitive ambitions.

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My life with Saab - Hej Saab Vänner!

Hello Saab friends - Hej Saab Vänner! My Saab passion began in 1997. Looking for a convertible, 4 seats and space for suitcases, a powerful engine and a safe vehicle as well as other advantages, I found a used 900 SE 2.3

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Volvo or Saab, or Alfa Romeo?

In the past, yes, the world was still in order. It was usually only a matter of deciding between two options. When skiing between Alpine or Nordic, on vacation between the sea or the Alps, when shopping between Coop or Migros. Of the

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Japanese Swede in Schleswig-Holstein

Japanese Swede in Schleswig-Holstein - Saab 9000 CD

I actually didn't need it, the Saab 9000 CD. I had just sold a 9000 CC with the firm intention of reducing the vehicle fleet a little. Many of you know what is coming from personal experience. After me

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A lot of Saabs

A lot of Saabs in the family. An email from Max.

Characteristic for the Saab passion seems the fact that a Saab hardly stays alone. A few days ago a longer email from reader Max arrived in my mailbox. He describes how everything started and how the enthusiasm for the

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Rust protection for the Swedes is available from Muckelbauer in Bamberg

Saab 9-3 BioPower - dream car receives rust prevention

I've been very fond of Sweden since I was a child - especially after I saw a report on GDR television about the vastness of the Nordic country and my uncle's old, dark red SAAB 99 rotting in the barn (and that in

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A Saab 900 Cabriolet has slave qualities

Saab 900 Cabrio - a car with taker qualities

I have been driving Saab since 1996, so I came to Saab in a phase in which die-hard Saab fans wrinkled their noses at what came from Trollhatten under the GM aegis. The 900i station wagon was my company vehicle and was leased. In the previous ones

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Standstill in Spain. Saab projects are also not implemented

The Saab (and not just Saab) standstill in Spain ...

Last Friday everything seemed so normal and taken for granted ... I enjoyed my month off. Drove one of my wonderful vehicles to go shopping, meet friends, go to the beach, go skiing …… And without even wasting a thought how quickly they all

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The long way to the first Saab. Here he is!

The long way to the first Saab

I've been a fan of Trollhättan vehicles for a long time. A red 9000 was one of my highlights in my toy box. But somehow it never happened. For a long time, the fleet was more Italian. A particularly beautiful specimen was a black one

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Tallers Berma, the Saab savior from Barcelona

The story of the Saab rescuers from Barcelona

Carrer de Rafael Battle. A quiet street in a rather upmarket residential area in Barcelona. In the house with the number 14 there is a small auto repair shop. Her name is "Tallers Berma". Not an unusual phenomenon in itself. When the gate is open, resembles

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