Autumnal Saab Impresions

Autumn departure Saab friends Saxony

"The Color Tour" on the 06.10.2019. Great ideas, super prepared, started with flying colors. The Chemnitz creative department of SAAB Freunde Sachsen in the person of Thilo and Alex shook an exciting autumn trip "out of the left SAAB fender", which thrills the 65 rolling Sweden-Mobil-Tourer

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The museum was opened 1975. Image: Saab Car Museum

My - unfortunately only sporadic - experiences with the Saab 9000

So far, my personal experience with the Saab 9000 has been based on only three experiences, which will remain unforgettable for me, however, because of the respective concomitant circumstances. I have skipped the 9000 series in my personal "Saab career", each of three 96 and

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