SAAB interview. Conversation with Inka Spira.

In front of her office is a red Saab 96. Not by chance, you might think. Because the rotund Swede was driven by her mother Theresia Kunert and was also the first Saab, the Inka Spira was allowed to move. She grew up with Saab, the dealership was founded by her parents and she leads the traditional business successfully in the second generation.

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SAAB Interview: Interview with Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher

He came to Saab when the biggest crisis in the history of the traditional Swedish brand began. He experienced the black days in December 2011, and he led after the hour zero the successful reconstruction of the spare parts business in Germany and since the middle of last year also in Austria.

I meet Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Managing Director of Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH, as the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB is called, in an office tower in Eschborn. There the company has rented two small but functional offices.

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