Our Saab license plate holders. We change the design.

The Griffin or the Saab 18? The readers voted!

Our vote is over. The readers decided what we should order. You had the choice between the traditional Saab 18 aircraft and the griffin. The vote in favor of the mystical bird was much tighter than expected. We

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Saab license plate holder. Which design is wanted?

The Saab 18 or the griffin? A question of design!

Saab fans face a difficult decision today. You can vote in which design you would like a new edition of our license plate holder. Because the popular version “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls” is sold out. Before we start the new production next Monday

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General speed limit on German motorways? The readers are divided.

General speed limit? Result of the vote.

Should there be a general speed limit on German autobahns? The question moves and it divides readers. We asked and started a vote. There was also the question of how high the possible speed limit should be. It was also interesting

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Should there be a general speed limit on German motorways?

Discussion - general speed limit on highways?

The discussion is as old as my driver's license. I had just bought it when I was driving my second car on the motorway towards Munich. Car number 1 had been in smoke and flames a few days earlier

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Out and about with the 9000. Driving classic cars and classics only seasonally?

Driving classic cars only seasonally or year round?

The time is running. Relentless, precise. Many things are predictable. New cars become used, with a little luck also youngtimers. Perhaps later, and it takes a lot of attention and the right owner, they mature into classics. The topic becomes

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In front of the Volvo Museum. But Volvo is not an issue for the blog yet

Why Volvo is not (yet) a topic for the blog

Is a Volvo the alternative to a Saab? Probably the other Swedish brand is currently experiencing the stage of its development in which it is as much Saab as never before. There are more former Saab employees in Gothenburg than in Trollhättan, and some

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Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 Test Drive in Luleå, Sweden. Photo: Volvo cars

Is Volvo really the alternative to Saab?

A few days ago, I asked the readers, where they see an alternative to the brand Saab. And whether they drive exclusively with a Saab through everyday life, or whether their mobility is spread over several brands. The result is in parts

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Saab 9-5 Aero model year 2005. What else parks outside the front door. Are there any alternatives to Saab?

Where are the alternatives to Saab?

Saab drivers are considered very loyal to their brand. However, more than 8 years without a new car naturally leave their mark. The Saab is increasingly becoming a second car and a hobby. The question arises to which brands Saab drivers

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Saab service

Saab service, chain, or free workshop?

Almost exactly 8 years ago, the tapes in Trollhättan stalled. Even before, the factory had been underutilized, and from March 2011 only sporadic vehicles ran off the line. Days, until the production came to a halt. Since

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Pure Saab? Pure Saab!

Write and publish articles, then start the Saab and spend the day doing what professional life demands. Something like that, with a short Saab interruption, was my Monday. And I had slight concerns. The question of how it applied to the

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Pure Saab?

The discussion of the last few days on the blog raises questions. Of course, things change, the clock keeps turning. We are for more than 3 years without new cars, we refrain from the homeopathic quantities of NEVS short-term production.

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NEVS makes the turn - result

When you start a survey, you usually have a forecast of the outcome at hand. In the current case it was as follows: to the question “Did NEVS turn the corner” and the answer options yes-no-no matter, I expected a 30-60-10 result.

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