Much better than flying - Saab Performance Team in action

The Saab Performance Team was a figurehead for the brand. Whenever possible, it showed presence. The core of the force was amateurs. Employees from the assembly line who assembled Saab from Monday to Friday and after work or on the weekend

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Who is eve Did she design the Saab 9-5?

Do we have to rewrite Saab history? Was a woman responsible for the design of the Saab 9-5? And who is Eva? Many questions! Let's start with something basic. The auto industry has been a male bastion for an eternity. To this day, car designers are predominantly men,

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50 years of Saab feeling - DSF Motorvision 1997

In retrospect, it is surprising how positively some broadcasters dealt with Saab. DSF Motorvision dedicated a contribution of more than 50 minutes to the brand's 5th birthday. It starts with the planes they still build at Saab today,

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50 years of Saab avant-garde - article by 3sat

1997 was the television year for Saab in Germany. There was something to celebrate. 50 years of automotive engineering, avant-garde as 3sat states. Then the IAA in Frankfurt, the premiere Saab 9-5 and the marketing of the Talladega Challenge. Saab on many channels,

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Saab 9000 commercial Germany

Saab commercials for German television are rarities. In any case, I can't remember ever seeing one for the 9000 CS and CD. But they did exist and in 1994 Saab Germany sent a classic 30 second commercial

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Saab 9-5 Germany premiere Frankfurt 1997

The first Saab 9-5 was in fact a birthday present that the Swedes gave themselves on the 50th anniversary. They put a lot of effort into the presentation, the motto was to bump instead of spill. Saab thought he was on the upswing and saw himself on the same level

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Culture in three acts - Saab's car ballet

The 1980s were exciting at Saab. The 9000 blossomed into a high-flyer and the most modern research facilities in the industry were built in the Stallbacka. There was also a little craziness, after all, you had an image that you had to cultivate. The

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Saab 9-5 presentation Zurich

Saab 9-5 Aero presentation 1999 in Zurich

Good things take time! They didn't feel any pressure in Trollhättan, because the 9-5 with the V6 sold brilliantly. Die Aero with the four-cylinder was missed by die-hard Saab fans. They just had to be patient, or with them

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Saab 9000 CS 2.3 1995 on the Nürburgring

Saab 9000 and R900 racing feeling

Saab brought a large portion of racing feeling to the dealers' showrooms in 1995. Good for the brand's sporty image, also good for the mood of the customers. Saab on the road in the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring, with Volker Stryzek at the wheel.

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Saab 9000 model in the design studio in Trollhättan

The challenge of the Saab 9000 - a long Saab film

In the spring of 1974, work began on the 9000 in Trollhättan. A completely new car and the way to a higher class. Behind the project was nothing less than the future positioning of the brand. Exciting, groundbreaking, and by no means easy.

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Saab is testing ABS on the Teves site

Saab tests - what can the ABS system really do?

Munich, towards the end of the 90s. I was on the road with a friend to test what an ABS system can really do. Our test car was its brand new Mercedes 190 E. Test site the cobblestone route past the Maximilianeum towards the Praterinsel.

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Showroom Video - Saab R900

Again and again you meet the R900 in Saab history. The sporty special series of the Saab 900 II, which had a background in racing. Because Saab Germany actually built an R900 racing car for Group A with Uli Weinmann. With

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Saab Talladega Workshop - Bad Homburg 1996

Our project to digitize old Saab films also brings out the unusual. The Saab Talladega Workshop, which took place in Bad Homburg in 1996, is a historical document. He deepened the events in Talladega in front of the assembled press representatives. And shows a person who is one

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Relaxing - Saab 900 II Showroom Video

In the 90s, Saab Germany produced a whole range of short showroom videos. Sometimes they were quite creative and cut Swedish films into a compact format. Sometimes, and this is the surprise, there were in-house productions by the Germans

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Secret! The rally department pushes a Saab 99 EMS out of the hall!

A monument to rally sport - Master of the Wheel Part 2

In 1991 Saab turned the sequel to Master of the wheel. It had been two years since the first film, but the story remained incomplete. Finishing them up was a good decision. Even in retrospect. Because the second part

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