The 9-2x. The best Saab from Subaru.

The best Saab from Subaru. Saab 9-2x commercial USA.

What is he now? A Subaru or a Saab? The answer is easy. The Saab 9-2x is a disguised samurai and he doesn't deny his birth as a Subaru. The relationship is too obvious, far too little

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The new Saab 9-5 sedan. It will be presented to the press in summer 2010.

More than a dream? Saab presents the new 9-5 to the press.

An international Saab event! We are writing early summer 2010. The tapes are running again. Saab shows the new 9-5 sedan to the international press. The newly resurrected automaker spares no expense. Journalists from all over the world fly to Gothenburg. Before the

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Time of dreams. Saab announces launch of the new 9-5 generation.

Trollhättan 10 years ago. The belts in the Saab factory are running again and the new 9-5 can be transported to the customers. Saab is hopeful, publishes a press release and releases a video for the media. Ahead

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Sweden duel. Saab 9000 2.3i 16v against Volvo 740 GLT.

Volvo 740 GLT against Saab 9000. The Swedish duel.

Volvo against Saab. The eternal duel. Small brand against big top dog. Strange things happened in Sweden in the mid-80s. Saab challenged Volvo for the first time in the upper class. The new 9000 CC met the Volvo 740, the one

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2006 Saab 9-7X, the ignition lock sits in the center console

Where's the ignition lock? Saab 9-7x commercial USA.

Where is it? The ignition lock. It is usually located on the right of the steering column. With special cars also to the left of it. Or on the center console. Today it is slowly disappearing and making room for inevitable start buttons. 2005 was the thing with the ignition lock

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A Swede from Austria

A Swede from Graz. Saab 9-3 Cabriolet production at Magna.

Saab Cabriolets come from the north. From Finland, not from Sweden. The 900 was built there, the successors up to the 9-3 I. The move to the south came with the 9-3 II. From 2003 it became out of the open

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Saab 900 Turbo on the aircraft carrier

Saab 900 Turbo on the aircraft carrier. Where else?

Saab and the planes. Common roots. Sometimes even common fathers until well into the 90s. The boundaries between the departments were fluid until GM finally raised walls. In 1997 they were still permeable. So what idea was more obvious than the Saab

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Sweden against Germany and Japan

Saab attacks. The spring offensive with Bob Sinclair.

Bob Sinclair! Younger readers will hardly associate anything with the name. The older ones get shining eyes. Bob Sinclair is a Saab legend. A personality who not only brought Saab to peak performance and best results in the US market. Busy,

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In the comparison test. The Peugeot 605 against Saab 9-5 SE.

The Peugeot 605 competes against a Saab for the second time. In this video, his opponent is the then new Saab 2-9 in SE equipment. At that time, the Peugeot had been on the market for a long time, presents itself

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Imacon Color Scanner

Driver training and image. The Saab Aero Academy 2001.

Saab started with the Aero Academy in the early 2000s. The German competitors in full view, who have been using similar events for a long time. A Saab Aero was the respective top model in the series, and has never been before

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Alfa 164 compared to Saab 9000. Form before function.

In 1987 Alfa launched the new 164. A straggler of the project, which consisted of Saab 9000, Lancia Thema and Fiat Croma. The Alfa targeted the same group of buyers as the Saab. The self-employed, freelancers and artists were happy to help.

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Elk test at Saab and Mercedes. Real life safety

Elk test Mercedes and Saab. Swedish real-life safety!

It is October 1997. The Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld is looking for the car of the year. She tests various new releases, everything works as in previous years. Until the Swedes launched the new A-Class from Mercedes

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Saab 900i 16v against Mercedes 190E

Star or griffin? Mercedes 190 E or Saab 900i 16v?

Star chariot or griffin is the subject of today's comparative test. In 1989 the well-kept model 190 rolled off the production lines at Daimler. Visibly matured - a competitor who had to be taken seriously under all circumstances. Saab took the little Benz very carefully

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The Saab Germany balloon team in the 90s

At the beginning. The Saab Germany balloon team.

The picturesque Vordertaunus is one of the most popular residential areas in the Rhine-Main area. Purchasing power is disproportionately high in cities like Kronberg and is a top value in a German comparison. So it is not particularly surprising that luxury brands choose the Taunus for their German headquarters.

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Two Frenchmen and a Swede in 1991 on the Anderstorp Ring

France or Sweden? Citroën and Peugeot vs. Saab!

Were the times better in the past? From an automotive perspective, they were more diverse. Angular delusion in the form of an SUV was still far away, but individuality was possible. It got really colorful in the early 90s when the Citroën XM and Peugeot 605 were in top form

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