Saab 900 II. A six-cylinder in the middle class. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab and the six-cylinder. A VW VR6 for Sweden. (2)

Volkswagen in the 80s. Do you have compact V6 engines for transverse installation in the program? And do you feel like selling them to a likewise aspiring competitor? "Actually not" will now be the answer. And that shows how wrong you are

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Saab and the six-cylinder. The V6 in the 9000. Forced by GM? Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab and the six-cylinder. Rumors and truths. (1)

Saab and the six-cylinder. A relationship that was never easy. The first six-cylinder moved into the 1993 II and 900 from 9000. A GM unit, which quickly earned the reputation of the engine, under pressure from the Americans

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The guy lying on the way to Frankfurt. It will not be that bad this time

The lying down. He is back!

The enclosure of the A3 between Aschaffenburg and Hösbach. Friends from Austria call them mockingly avalanche barrier. In fact, it is a local noise protection project that does not just have friends. In the enclosure, it always comes back to fatal accidents and

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Two Saab 9000 generations are waiting for the coming season

End of the season. Store youngtimers and classics correctly.

Season 2019 is over. Saab classic cars and classics are stored in their winter quarters. To avoid damage, so you do not experience a negative surprise at the start of the season 2020, you should pay some attention to a few things. What to do when wintering the automobile

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A Saab Friction Tester for Berlin Tegel

A Saab Friction Tester for Berlin-Tegel

It's that time again! From the bankruptcy of Schwerin-Parchim Airport, a Saab Friction Tester is offered. A good opportunity to take a look back at the year 1982. One of the two West Berlin civilian airports, the one in Tegel, is said to have a new one

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9000 sectional model at the IAA in Frankfurt

Retrospective. A little Saab for everyone.

The companies with the most brilliant ideas in the market are not always successful. The story is full of examples. Because if it were otherwise, then for example Saab would still exist. The small, always innovative brand from Sweden continued

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