Saab 9000 - Anna Project

Saabig… 44/15 Saab 9000 Special

The 9000 was already present on the blog this week. For Friday some little stories about the Saab. Bad experiences with ebay, tail screens and gifts from Sweden, the repair of funnels and Saab 9000 parts.

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Saab ePower Concept

Saabig… 43/15 Electric people's cars

Almost 900 entries in Google News in the Turkish press. There are hardly any reactions in Sweden, and with some delay the news fires in Germany. A Turkish folk car, also electric, comes on Saab 9-3 base.

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Another Saab 9-3 Aero in the community - we're excited!

Saabig… KW41 / 15 Saab Community

A Saab is not a Saab! We are happy about every Saab that finds its way into the Saab community from previous ownership. It doesn't matter whether it's a relatively new model or a Saab in youngtimer or classic mode. But not

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Saab 9000 SC in Trollhattan. Turn to Bil Museum or towards Saab factory ...

Saabig… KW38 / 15 - 9000 & Platform Connection

The Saab Bil Museum gives you an insight into the history of the Saab 9000. From the first test vehicle to the last produced 9000, the visitor can embark on a journey through history. All this will include an article

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Saab R900 in action

Saabig… KW37 / 15 The dream car

5 years without a new car, and the Saab flags are still blowing in the wind? More than ever ! Saab is Rock'n Roll, as the clear emails in my mailbox prove. Fancy Saab pictures? The most beautiful dream cars from southern Sweden appear for

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Saab Inside, Spring 2015

Saabig ... KW 36/15

From Blogger's perspective it was a quiet week. Superficially ... Because she was not free from scandals and the shadows of the past. In Sweden, the judiciary quotes former Saab Automobile AB CEO Jan Åke Jonsson and chief lawyer Kristina Geers in court.

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Saab 9-5 NG. Dream car.

Saabig ... KW35 / 15

Saabs are dream cars ... as before! The picture of this mercilessly beautiful 9-5 sedan comes from Nico. His Saab is very exclusive in a major southern German city that is known for more than one vehicle manufacturer. A (presumably) lonely 9-5, but so

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BAIC BJ40. Soon with Saab Turbo technology.

Saabig ... KW34 / 15

At the beginning of the week our gaze was drawn to China, and somehow the East would not let us go. Shortly before the weekend we will swing back to Asia. There are exciting things: Saab technology is in demand and celebrates success,

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Saab, the original

Saabig ... KW33 / 15

Copy should be a form of recognition ... they say. If a Saab advertising slogan from 2010 reappears, it could be remarkable. But if it happens in conjunction with a small car, it could be embarrassing ...

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Oh, another Turbo X. This time the one from M. Meise.

Saabig ... KW32 / 15

It is unusually quiet around the brand with the griffin, which could also be due to the high summer temperatures. 37 degrees and more on the freeway, traffic jams to the south ... at least our turbos don't find it sparkling.

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