Production in Trollhättan? A yes but ...

Production in Trollhättan? A fine adjustment of the words.

The last few days have been interesting! The NEVS founder leaves, the real estate giant Evergrande takes over at Göta Älv. At the same time, the first new product has been shown since 2011. A self-driving robot taxi, the idea of ​​which may receive little attention. Busy

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Volvo V90 model year 21. Limited to 180 km / h.

Model year 2021. Volvo now limits to 180 km / h.

Faster, more secure. Volvo limited to 180 km / h. All models from model year 2021, the production of which is now starting, are affected. The Swedish manufacturer focuses on more safety and sustainability in road traffic. Exciting! Because what will customer acceptance be like? to buy

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Holden Commodore - a big name. But only an Opel Insignia. Picture: Holden

164 years of tradition - GM buries Holden

A big brand, a long tradition. Holden was founded in southern Australia in 1856 as a manufacturer of horse saddles. Automobiles had been built since 1908. The Americans joined in 1931 and the company had been part of GM for 89 years. The final end

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The Kaupensteig of the A3, there is something to tell here.

Speed ​​limit 120 on the highway? A self-experiment.

It's Saturday and I'm on my way to Bamberg. Around 160 kilometers and the opportunity to try it yourself. A speed limit of 120 km / h on federal German motorways is being discussed, I am already trying it out today. With a car that

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Saab vs. Digitalization. The analog is definitely the more elegant car.

Years rearview mirror. Saab vs. Digitalization.

The special rear-view mirror. I've been driving a company car for several months. The first “non-Saab” in almost 10 years. German brand, premium. You don't have to say much more about it. The arguments for a new, modern car are sometimes not

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Sono Motors and Sion prototype

When subsidies threaten innovation

The traffic turnaround. Much is written about it, talked about. It carries social explosives in itself, and if it goes to the federal government, then they should finally take up speed 2020. So that the citizen also develops desire for her, climbs the purchase premium for an electric car

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