Saab spare parts. Thoughts and perspectives for the future

Last week, the reports about Orio AB brought some Saab owners back into the rough reality. No, there is no imminent danger. But you don't have to become a prophet to find out that you are in Sweden

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MG - when a big, old make of car comes back

It was around 1989. I was young and pretty naive about cars. And I wanted a British roadster. The choice between a Triumph Spitfire and an MGB was clearly in favor of Morris Garages.

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The Saab workshops need our visit. Now!

Spring begins, and with it the season for enthusiast vehicles begins. Many Saab are leaving their winter quarters, and not so long ago there was mail from the workshops on the occasion. Special promotions and the notice that it was at the

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The resignation, an IPO, a trap. Saab 10 years ago.

It is 25.03.2011/19/XNUMX. A bomb goes off in the stallbacka. Jan Åke Jonsson, Saab CEO, will resign on May XNUMXth. His move is shaking the Saab world, and the facade of the brand's successful comeback is getting rough

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40 years of Saab on Carl-Benz-Straße - relic and passion

Carl-Benz-Strasse 27, Frankfurt am Main. For a brief moment everything seems fine. The Saab flags are blowing in the cool March wind, truck traffic thunders past on the road. But a second look reveals the sadness. Where once Saab new cars

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Saab Automobile from 10 years - Phoenix wants to fly

Trollhättan, Sweden in March 2011. The month starts on a positive note at the Saab plant in Stallbacka. Fate seems to mean well with the little brand that finally wants to let the Phoenix fly. There is also good news. In the

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The comeback of the shell-shaped bonnet

Design trend - return of the shell-shaped bonnet

Sixten Sason was to blame. The great designer gave the Saab 99 its shell-shaped bonnet. So he was in line with the trend, maybe he had looked towards Munich. The “New Class” from BMW, introduced in 1962, had it. Also the first 3 series

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Independence Day 2011 - Jan Åke Jonsson speaks

10 years ago - Saab Independence Day

It is cold on February 23, 2011 in Trollhättan. Uncomfortable, just Swedish winter. The sun is scarce, and so the Independence Day celebrations don't start until 11:00 a.m. The first day of independence from Saab and the

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Makes the Golf class interesting - new DS 4

Big car brands - the return of the dream factory?

If the pandemic did not determine our everyday life, the birth of Stellantis would not have happened so silently. The merger of PSA and FCA Group brings a new automotive giant that has many big, old car brands in its portfolio.

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New sales concepts. Revolution or just a contemporary evolution of the industry?

The Club Abo - how Geely wants to change the auto industry with Lynk & Co

Chinese automakers are not suspected of being creative. A European way of thinking that is out of date. What Geely has been surprisingly and consistently testing with Lynk & Co stands for fresh thinking. That there is someone behind it who already has good ideas for Saab

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Sony Vision S on the move in Austria

No turning back - new players are revolutionizing the auto industry

It is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for the traditional auto industry. There is the political will for electric cars and stricter emissions standards for combustion engines. And as if that wasn't enough, new players are entering the market. These are not upstart from China. It

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Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition for Great Britain only

Great Britain - I'm sorry you're leaving!

Today is a sad date. The last day that Great Britain is a member of the European Union. Tomorrow, on the first day of 2021, everything will be different. And I, for sure, will miss the island and my British friends. The

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Saab and Mahindra - the nightmare that never became real

Nightmares reflect unprocessed events and can come back again and again. Saab affine people know the Christmas nightmare. It haunted Trollhättan in 2009 and 2011. First, when GM wanted to liquidate the brand. Then two years later, when Saab turned himself towards Valhalla

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Long ago - Saab lettering in the Stallbacka

The Swedes and Saab - what's going on?

On December 19, it was 9 years ago that the factory gates in the Stallbacka closed. A long time from an automotive point of view. How has the brand held up in your home country since then? A look at the current numbers is worrying

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The seat belt - who invented it?

You are probably thinking of a certain Swedish automaker now. But no, it wasn't Volvo. The history of the seat belt goes back much further. It starts in a car, plays on airplanes. Many pioneers were involved until it made its triumphant advance

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