Saab as a basis for business and an object of speculation

In a few weeks the year 2020 will have passed, and soon it will be 10 years since the last Saab rolled off the assembly line. Really 10 years? The reflection gives me goosebumps, also because I've been having light for almost a decade

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Saab 5-speed gearbox - here in the 900 from 1986 - never shifts particularly precisely

Quietly say goodbye - manual transmissions are disappearing

There are some things that drivers of the future will no longer be familiar with. Things that we are used to disappear. These include the manual gearbox, the ignition key, the mechanical handbrake or the suction cup navigation device. The smartphone takes over for the ignition key or navigation system. With manual

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Lynk & Co Zero - electric car with a range of 700 kilometers from 2021

Car manufacturers - the Chinese have already landed

Generally there are two types of invasions. One is tough, aggressive and spectacular - the other is quiet and gentle. History teaches us that it is the most successful variant. Europe is currently experiencing a silent invasion by Chinese automakers. Barely

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My old combustion engine - when will you switch to an electric car?

Car calls - when will you switch to an electric car?

Now it is back, the time of car conversations. Unlike 2011, when everything revolved around the dying Saab brand. Now it's about the electric car. The environmental bonus beckons in the background, and suddenly people are interested in cars,

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Saab 900 Cabriolet - an icon from Sweden

Upheaval and generation change in old Saab sheet metal

The time is running. Relentless and for each of us. A generation change is announced in the Saab warehouse - and perhaps the beginning of a new trend. Corona plays an accelerating role here. The pandemic gets icons off the podium, moves some things

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Saab cup with flag and Saab lettering

Perfect customer orientation - an example from the Saab world

There are days that tend to start with small dramas. The Saab cup, of all things, the favorite piece, falls on the floor. It breaks, the mood goes into the basement, the broken pieces in the garbage. Something like that always happens and

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Saab 96 retro idea from Bo Zolland

How about some retro ideas for the Saab comeback

Victor Muller does. The former Saab CEO revitalizes Spyker. It's retro, like everything about the vehicles - apart from the probably outstanding performance. The interior design of the Aileron C8 pays homage to an era that is long past

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The idea was simple. To turn an old Saab into an almost new car

The missed opportunities and their consequences

Does anyone still remember 2015 and the Ida project? It all started with a disaster. An old and admittedly pretty neglected Saab 9-5 caused trouble. Not that this is Saab specific. If you don't care for cars, you have to go with them

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Touchscreen in the car. EV prototype from Human Horizons, series planned for 2021

Touchscreen in the car. Accident risk and fashion trend.

A few days ago an interesting verdict found its way through the media. A Tesla driver came off the road while tapping his touchscreen and collided with several trees. The mirror reported about it. The court saw the serving of the

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The Polestar 2 - does it have anything to do with Saab?

Is the Polestar 2 the successor to the Saab 99?

Is the Polestar 2 the new Saab 99, asked a Swedish car newspaper the other day. Okay, the Polestar 2 is a hatchback with a large tailgate - like the Saab 99. And the Swedes are all romantics. Apparently they suspect behind

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Welcome to Saab!

A trip to Trollhättan. How was it 10 years ago?

We were on the ferry to Denmark shortly before 5 o'clock, on the ferry to Sweden shortly before 8. We had Swedish soil at 8.20 am. And then the journey continued. Always north, to Trollhättan. Had started

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Production in Trollhättan? A yes but ...

Production in Trollhättan? A fine adjustment of the words.

The last few days have been interesting! The NEVS founder leaves, the real estate giant Evergrande takes over at Göta Älv. At the same time, the first new product has been shown since 2011. A self-driving robot taxi, the idea of ​​which may receive little attention. Busy

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The Volvo Evolution. Our automotive life is changing!

Panta rhei - everything flows! Things change - including bloggers' automotive life. A Volvo drives up and refreshes the Swedish fleet at Mark. Shall we tell about it? Or is this not possible at all? Granted it isn't

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Wanted among the fans. An investment?

The trolls' laughter. The eerie career of the Saab 9-5 NG.

Life sometimes takes strange paths. A small, Swedish manufacturer disappears from the market. As a result, the last vehicles are given away more or less. And what happens then? In 2020, 8 years later, these cars are worth more than

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Volvo V90 model year 21. Limited to 180 km / h.

Model year 2021. Volvo now limits to 180 km / h.

Faster, safer. Volvo limits to 180 km / h. All models from model year 2021, which production is now starting, are affected. The Swedish manufacturer focuses on more safety and sustainability in road traffic. Exciting! Because what will the customer acceptance be like? to buy

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