Saab 9000, blue sky, no planes. The new normal.

Saab, blue sky and the blog

Sunday, the second day with exit restrictions in Bavaria. The Spessart is Bavarian and yet closely connected to the Rhine-Main area. It is a flight path for Frankfurt Airport and the background noise of civilization is always present. Correct: was present. since

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Holden Commodore - a big name. But only an Opel Insignia. Picture: Holden

164 years of tradition - GM buries Holden

A big brand, a long tradition. Holden was founded in southern Australia in 1856 as a manufacturer of horse saddles. Automobiles had been built since 1908. The Americans joined in 1931 and the company had been part of GM for 89 years. The final end

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The Kaupensteig of the A3, there is something to tell here.

Speed ​​limit 120 on the highway? A self-experiment.

It's Saturday and I'm on my way to Bamberg. Around 160 kilometers and the opportunity to try it yourself. A speed limit of 120 km / h on federal German motorways is being discussed, I am already trying it out today. With a car that

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Saab production in Trollh�tan

Why the corona virus can paralyze the auto industry

The Chinese Hubei province is infected by the corona virus. People stay at home, factories are closed. The focus is on many human tragedies and the fight against the virus. But the background is also about economic problems, because the outbreak of the disease

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Cockpit design of the 9-X Bio Hybrid study

Auto year 2020. Old cars and Trollhättan.

Germany is heading towards an electric car. You don't show yourself open to technology. But on the contrary. That could prove to be a problem. Because while the German companies put their energy into battery-electric vehicles, China unexpectedly changes course. And notes

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Clearly structured and tasteful

Auto year 2020. Electrification and digitization.

The 2020 car year will be tough. For the first time, the predicted turmoil in the industry will be felt by everyone. A challenge - and one thing is certain, nothing will remain as it was. Everything is subject to change from now on.

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Saab vs. Digitalization. The analog is definitely the more elegant car.

Years rearview mirror. Saab vs. Digitalization.

The special rear-view mirror. I've been driving a company car for several months. The first “non-Saab” in almost 10 years. German brand, premium. You don't have to say much more about it. The arguments for a new, modern car are sometimes not

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Saab starts production in the Spyker era

The silent end of the alleged Saab rescuers

The fateful year 2011. A rumor spread. Saab CEO Victor Muller had canceled the contract with the state-owned BAIC in favor of Hawtai. But there is another variant. She says Muller is looking forward to the entry of scandals

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Sono Motors and Sion prototype

When subsidies threaten innovation

The traffic turnaround. Much is written about it, talked about. It carries social explosives in itself, and if it goes to the federal government, then they should finally take up speed 2020. So that the citizen also develops desire for her, climbs the purchase premium for an electric car

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Saab factory 2012

The gravediggers of Trollhättan

The last Saab is sold, and in Sweden an era came to an end. One could get the impression that NEVS celebrated this event in social media. There is no reason for it, it is rather an event, the sadness

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Volvo Brennenner manufacturing in Skövde. Picture: Volvo

The burner will accompany us for a long time

Electromobility dominates the current discussions. It should be no alternative. The ultimate solution to secure our mobility. And the burner? He is dead. In public perception. News, beyond the mainstream, can easily fall through the grid. Of the

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IAA 2009. The last appearance of Saab in Frankfurt.

Before 10 years ago. Saab for the last time at the IAA.

Frankfurt in the fall 2009. With a friend and two friends, I'm on my way to the IAA. Saab shows the new 9-5 generation. That I'll write a blog about the brand around 1 1 / 2 years later, is to this

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The other Swedish brand. Also Volvo is not present at the IAA 2019.

IAA 2019. On the way to the regional league.

On the 11. September is it time again! The IAA 2019 opens its doors. But unlike the decades before, it is no longer a world-class fair. She is on her way to the regional league. You could do that

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Sion prototype interior. Would you drive a sion? Image: Sono Motors

Electric car. Would you drive a sion?

Without the production site Trollhättan, I would not have noticed the Sion project. After a visit to Sono Motors and articles about the electric car, it ends in a crucial question. Would you drive a sion? The answer should be oneself

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Auto industry - is the perfect storm moving? Photo: Ute Kolla-Bliesener

Automotive industry. The perfect storm is catching up.

After seemingly endless years of success, a violent storm is gathering over the German car industry. It could be a perfect storm because the reasons are not just homemade. Something is brewing in Germany, and a key industry is showing

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