VW ID3 Photo: Friso Gentsch / Volkswagen

Auto industry. The change is accelerating.

A new definition of mobility and alternative forms of drive. Digitization and revolution in manufacturing. Everything announced and not far away. On the contrary, we are already in the middle of it, and the change accelerates more and more. An example of how fundamental the upheaval can be

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Even more Saab barely goes. Event in the workshop

Two days of car culture. Saab scene Frankfurt.

From Essen to Frankfurt. From the high-price show of the shiny sheet to the base. Contrasts could hardly be more exciting. It's cold this Saturday. Normal pre-Easter weather, the thermometer is climbing hard over the 0 grade mark. In addition a cold blows

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The Bilster Mountain is calling. But the article is less about Saab.

The Bilster Mountain is calling! (1 / 2)

Two bumps, a quick left turn, then I shoot with a 26% slope down into the depths. This is followed by a slope with a full 21%. I hear the voice of the instructor in the radio. Take braking energy with you on the

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Saab 9-5 Diesel for sale in Freital. Future: uncertain. Photo Credit: Ronny

Diesel driving bans. The Plaque Republic.

The situation is dramatic. 300.000 used Euro 5 Diesel are at the dealers on heap. Demand in Germany tends to zero, only when exporting something. In addition, the prices for diesel vehicles continue to fall. Leasing returns are expected to be around 15% among the

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