Visiting Saab Lafrentz in Kiel

Visiting the Saab instance in Kiel

Alone with the headline I catch resentment from some parts of the Saab scene again. But it is so. I'm in Kiel for a control visit, if you will. Finally, drop by Markus Lafrentz again. As a blogger

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My Saab visiting Skandix AG

The Saab spare parts from the Harz

My journey takes me over a small, avenue-lined country road towards Lutter am Barenberge. My knowledge about Skandix AG is rudimentary and I am excited to see what to expect. Skandix is ​​a supplier for Saab and Volvo spare parts, and a bit

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Lars Muckelbauer in the Turbo X. The 3rd generation in Bamberg.

Bamberg. A meeting with the 3rd generation.

Family farms. They are the economic backbone of our country. If it goes well, they will bloom from generation to generation. Saab has always had these companies. And they still exist today, even though the brand no longer exists. In Bamberg

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Saab Gaworski in Hamburg. Generalists with tradition

Saab Gaworski - the traditionalists in Hamburg

It is raining mercilessly this Tuesday as I make my way to Hamburg. On the way I pick up Jan, then we drive together to Saab Gaworski. Feels like Hamburg is a huge construction site, which is turning into the finish line

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