Volvo crashed - 30 meters down

30 meters down - a spectacular film from Volvo

Let the new car fall 30 meters! That sounds crazy and spectacular. But what Volvo does has a serious background. It's about accident research and the behavior of modern vehicles in accidents at very high speeds. For that he has

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Fiat, Volvo or Alfa? What a really convinced Saab driver drives.

I don't know now whether as a Saab driver with a Saab, no matter which model and which year, you cause a lot of attention among the common people. Except of course for connoisseurs, of course. I myself was lucky in the course

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More than a balloon - advertising for the airbag

Volvo 940, 960 or the new 850?

One of the prejudices against copywriters is that they'll lie in their ads, that the bars will bend. But that's not true. In principle quite the opposite. The competition reads along and is quick to file a lawsuit

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As a Saab driver copywriter at Volvo

Volvo, Saab or Volvo - copywriters at Volvo

So, as a convinced Saab driver, I was suddenly an advertising copywriter for Volvo and tried in the most creative advertising agency in Switzerland to bring the local sales figures from less than 5000 units per year to the targeted 7500. But how do you do it? In Sweden

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New from AutoCult is the Volvo P172 Concept

A long forgotten prototype Volvo P172 Coupe Concept

Over and over again in history, forgotten prototypes appear that one would have loved to see on the road. One of them is the P172 Coupe from Volvo. It is wonderfully beautiful, one may wonder how his career would have gone

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The dream cars of the Swedes. Who is at the forefront.

Once a year, YouGov, on behalf of the Blocket platform, polls Swedish consumers about their dream cars. The result is of interest. Especially if you understand the development of individual car brands over the past few years. Who did everything right, who

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Recharge smartly. ! Year free from Volvo.

Smart electric driving? One year of free electricity from Volvo.

The market share of plug-in hybrids is increasing rapidly. According to the KBA, the number of registered vehicles in Germany rose to 2019 in 102.175. An increase of 52,5% over the previous year. The strong growth will continue, Volvo wants to be part of it. Of course, the Swedes

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Hällered Proving Ground. Here Volvo tests.

A Swedish test track. Hällered Proving Ground.

Hällered Proving Ground is located about 80 kilometers from Gothenburg. A test track not only for Volvo. Because completely different stories also played here. The last act in the drama about Saab, for example. First and foremost, Hällered is of course Volvo

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The Swedes rely on a mix of wool and recycled polyester

Wool in the Volvo. Alternative seat covers from Sweden.

Alternative seat covers are trendy. With the 2021 model year, Volvo is launching tailored wool in the 90s and 60s series. The manufacturer relies on a mix of wool and recycled polyester. However, this idea is not entirely new. Because already in

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