Volvo Cars manufacturing plants in Daqing, China

Volvo Cars is temporarily reducing production

For the second quarter, Volvo Cars sees the situation increasingly critical. Production in many plants will be temporarily cut back. The reason for this is a lack of semiconductor components, which not only affects Volvo. Other Swedish brands are also suffering, in part

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Volvo Recharge Highways - Volvo builds its own fast charging stations

Volvo is going electric and is moving more and more towards Tesla. Surprisingly, the Swedes have announced that they want to set up a network with their own fast charging stations. So far, Volvo Cars has not had its own stations and has been a partner of Ionity. Now the decision was made

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Volvo online services - EcarX replaces Google

A much discussed post by the readers revolved around the use of Google in more and more Volvo models. It is now clear that Google is only an interim solution. In the medium term, Volvo wants to rely on the Android operating system from EcarX and take Google out of service.

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Volvo C40 Recharge

Safety pioneer Volvo relies on all-season tires for electric cars

An interesting discussion has broken out in Sweden that began with the presentation of the Volvo C40 Recharge P8. It is unusual for the conditions there, because it is usually quite easy in Sweden. Volvo introduces a new car

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Google services in more Volvo models - and data protection?

Volvo is introducing Google services in more and more models. In Sweden people are therefore worried about data protection and ask the manufacturer. His answer is not necessarily convincing. What is clear, however, is that two different business ideas come together here. The one

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Strategic change at Volvo - less station wagon - more SUV

For people who are not so young anymore, the brand from Gothenburg is representative of the station wagon. You have a 240 or 850 in front of your eyes, one speaks of a Volvo. That could soon be a thing of the past. The brand is getting further and further away

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Volvo presents the C40 Recharge

New cars from Sweden are (almost) always interesting. Because the innovations don't come that often. Today Volvo introduces the C40 Recharge. A fully electric SUV Coupe that, depending on the reading, an XC40 Recharge with a different roof or that

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Volvo is changing - completely electric and online

In Gothenburg today, the course is being set for the future. Volvo is going purely electric, goes into direct sales. And not only that. The brand introduces a new car. That doesn't happen too often, and it's an opportunity

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The sun rises - Volvo C70 Cabriolet in Saffron Pearl

Months ago I promised to take a look at Volvo on a regular basis. It is time to keep the promise. In addition to their Saab, many readers also drive a car from Gothenburg in everyday life. Trying to get closer to that

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Volvo crashed - 30 meters down

30 meters down - a spectacular film from Volvo

Let the new car fall 30 meters! That sounds crazy and spectacular. But what Volvo does has a serious background. It's about accident research and the behavior of modern vehicles in accidents at very high speeds. For that he has

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Fiat, Volvo or Alfa? What a really convinced Saab driver drives.

I don't know now whether as a Saab driver with a Saab, no matter which model and which year, you cause a lot of attention among the common people. Except of course for connoisseurs, of course. I myself was lucky in the course

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More than a balloon - advertising for the airbag

Volvo 940, 960 or the new 850?

One of the prejudices against copywriters is that they'll lie in their ads, that the bars will bend. But that's not true. In principle quite the opposite. The competition reads along and is quick to file a lawsuit

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As a Saab driver copywriter at Volvo

Volvo, Saab or Volvo - copywriters at Volvo

So, as a convinced Saab driver, I was suddenly an advertising copywriter for Volvo and tried in the most creative advertising agency in Switzerland to bring the local sales figures from less than 5000 units per year to the targeted 7500. But how do you do it? In Sweden

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New from AutoCult is the Volvo P172 Concept

A long forgotten prototype Volvo P172 Coupe Concept

Over and over again in history, forgotten prototypes appear that one would have loved to see on the road. One of them is the P172 Coupe from Volvo. It is wonderfully beautiful, one may wonder how his career would have gone

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The dream cars of the Swedes. Who is at the forefront.

Once a year, YouGov, on behalf of the Blocket platform, polls Swedish consumers about their dream cars. The result is of interest. Especially if you understand the development of individual car brands over the past few years. Who did everything right, who

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