Questions about subscription

Do you have any unanswered questions when it comes to taking out a new subscription or creating an account?

The most important answers.

Problems registering?

If you have problems registering via one of the sub-pages such as you can restart the process from the German site.

Alternatively, proceed as follows:

  • Pay what you want Subscription "Aero", "Aero X Club". The manual service is only available for these subscriptions. The account details are here deposited.
  • Send us your contact details:

The activation takes place after receipt of payment. You will receive the access data for your subscription by email.

No PayPal account

You do not have a PayPal account and want to take out a subscription. You can conveniently take out your subscription by bank transfer. Please follow them Clues.

Forgot your login

Access problems? Forgot username or password? Here you can get a replacement whitepaper.

Upgrade to a different membership level

An automatic upgrade is only possible with the new subscription model. You can still upgrade from Turbo to Turbo Plus or the Aero X Club at any time.

Transfer the amount of € 35,00 to our account with the keyword "Upgrade".

The dates are here deposited.

Enter the email address of your existing subscription or the user name.

The upgrade takes place upon receipt of payment.

I cannot read the content despite having a subscription

  • Make sure you are in her Account are logged in.
  • If necessary, refresh the browser.
  • Empty the memory cache, restart your tablet or notebook.