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As a guest author, you can now easily describe your stories, conversions, thoughts and actions online. Images, please in good quality, can be uploaded up to 6 pieces. It should always be noted that the image rights must lie with the author.

What do we publish? Clearly, politics has to stay outside. Everything that has to do with Swedish cars, the country of Sweden, workshops, the fan scene, spare parts and crazy ideas about automotive passion is allowed in. Sustainability could also be an exciting idea. Travel and events are an issue, especially for future, better times.

Despite intensive testing in advance, the project is still in the beta phase. It also serves as a test for two of the following projects, which will go online when we have passed the beta phase. Errors cannot be ruled out 100%; if there are problems with input, uploads or the transfer, we need a feedback.

From now on, the opportunity to write about what moves you as a guest author will be a permanent feature on Saabblog. I look forward to a lively participation. Those who share their automotive thoughts with many keep Saab and Swedish car culture alive.

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