Saab 95H Husbilen (camper van) 1965 by Autocult


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The German manufacturer Autocult has realized the Saab 95H Husbilen in 1:43. The lovingly designed miniature has absolute collector's value, the worldwide edition is limited to only 333 copies.

1:43 scale / resin

Autocult writes:

Self-awareness is...

... the first step to recovery - this is the motto of the story behind the Saab 95H. However, the caravan Saab 92H must always be included in this story, which was built in 1963 as a unique specimen by Torsten Johannesson and already appeared as a model at Autocult in 2017.

Apparently, Johannesson noticed very quickly that he had made the wrong choice of engine with only 25 hp. In order to make his vehicle more agile, he built a second example, whose slightly larger camper body he mounted on the chassis of a Saab 95. Since the Saab 95 did not go into series production until 1965, this could also take place in 1965 at the earliest. The new chassis now had 40 two-stroke horsepower available as a drive and the builder named his caravan based on the chassis 95H. He also fine-tuned the optics, which was particularly evident at the front. Although his 95 motorhome somehow looked just as sad as its predecessor, the entire car seemed more grown-up and more like a car - maybe this was also due to the grill placed in the middle, which was taken over from a Saab 95.

It can be assumed that the 40 hp engine power was not enough for the designer. With the conversion of Saab engine technology to four-stroke drive in 1967, Torsten Johannesson replaced the engine with the 65 hp V4 engine, which was available for the Saab 95 from then on. At that time, however, his dream of conquering the hearts of campers was probably only very weak. His efforts to have his vehicle registered were still not met and so it remained with the only built motorhome. 

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