Saab blanket "1947" (red-orange)


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A Saab car cover that is more than just a tribute to the good old days. The blanket is dedicated to 1947, the year the car brand Saab was founded. The historic Saab logo, the three Swedish crowns and the embroidered reference to the year 1947 make the blanket something very special.

A blanket is part of the basic equipment in every car. Our fluffy blanket makes it particularly hemtrevlig (cozy) in the Saab.

The car cover was made in Aschaffenburg by a local manufacturer. The yarns used were produced in Italy.

Size: 120 x 180 cm, approx.

Material: wool/acrylic fiber 50/50

  • Limited edition 50 + 1 copy



Additional Information

Weight 0,820 kg.
Size 33,5x25x11 cm

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