Saab scarf "Edition 2023" (blue/grey)


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Our Saab scarf "Edition 2023" connects the roots of the cult brand Saab with its last years and the future that never happened.

The historical B18, a Saab aircraft, serves as a creative motif.

The silhouette of the B18 adorned both the first and the last vehicles from Trollhättan. In the future that did not happen, the B18 would have played a major role.

The scarf is made in Aschaffenburg by a local manufactory. The yarns used were produced in Italy.

Size: 190 x 40 cm, approx.

Material: wool/acrylic fiber 50/50

  • Limited edition 50 + 1 copy

Delivery end of January 2023



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Weight 0,320 kg
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