Saab High Mileage Club

Long-term use is sustainability in practice! In view of this, we launched the Saab High Mileage Club. Because we think a Saab is ready for many kilometers.

250.000, 500.000 or even more kilometers? With proper care, this is not a problem! Because a Saab is a perfect long-term car.

Saab High Mileage Club - level one at 250.000 kilometers
Saab High Mileage Club - level one at 250.000 kilometers

Every kilometer experienced is driving pleasure and one more reason to drive a Saab. Our iconic badges in a high-quality metal look with the traditional Saab aircraft are a recognition. In addition, we hope it will also provide motivation for the continued responsible use of our finite resources.

Are you ready for many more kilometers and a membership in the High Mileage Club?

Mileage 500.000, the next level. And on we go!
Mileage 500.000, the next level. And it goes on.

It's open to all Aero X Club members and best of all - membership is free for you. Here you can get the High Mileage Club badges for your Swedish car.

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