Saab license plate holder

Available are currently 2 variants:

Made in Trollhättan by Trolls

Since we do without a shop system for our little action, we are extremely flexible with the orders. A set of license plate holders can also be supplied with different 2 labels. "" at the front, "Made in Trollhättan by Trolls" at the rear. Or just a consistent slogan, as it pleases.


1 x set (= 2 piece) License plate holder 14,50 €

1 x shipping, insured, Germany 6,50 €

Attention: For shipping, we have boxes that fit exactly for the license plate holder. It is possible until 5 sets to ship per parcel. The price for the shipment remains with 6,50 € once.

These are license plate holders for German EU plates. These are unfortunately not compatible for other countries. Unfortunately, our pre-supplier does not have any holders for Austria or Switzerland, even if we would like to supply the fans there.


We have set up an e-mail address for orders: order (at)

We need the following information:

  1. - The entire address
  2. - Please a phone number for any queries
  3. - Specification of how many sets and which labels plus number are desired

Of course, each delivery is accompanied by an invoice with VAT, the payment is made in advance. And, because the hobby is and everyone should be fun, we put each order our blog stickers.

ATTENTION: HOLIDAYS of the blog crew. Shipping to 19.12.2018 and from 07.01.2019

We also ask for a little patience if the mail is not answered immediately on the weekend or in the evening. Because it is, as already mentioned, an action by fans for fans. And the most beautiful hobby in the world.